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 Post subject: Re: The Confrontation (AU Story)
PostPosted: Thu Jun 12, 2008 4:27 pm 
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It had been a week since Cole had vanished from the living room of the manor. As much as he wanted to get back to the future, Chris wanted to spend time with his family even more. There were no demon attacks in all that time. And the Avatars didn’t make an appearance. Cole had apparently been right about that. The Avatars weren’t strong enough to oppose the Charmed Ones.

“You have no idea how good it’s been to be here this last week,” said Chris as they finished dinner. “No demons, no warlocks, no subterfuge to try to set things straight. I’ve never had such a relaxing week before.”

“What are families for?” Piper asked. “At least you have a good appetite. I guess you take after you father in that respect.”

“I guess so,” said Chris. “Having a mom who’s such a good cook doesn’t hurt either.”

“You’re right about that,” said Leo. “When I first started staying at the manor I gained ten pounds in one week. It’s a good thing that orbing burns calories or I’d weigh three hundred pounds.”

“No one forces you to eat,” said Phoebe.

“Like I could refuse,” said Leo. “I don’t see you pushing the fork away all that much.”

“I’m an active woman,” said Phoebe. “I need my strength.”

“Chris, what do you think you’ll find when you get back to the future?” Paige asked.

“I honestly don’t know,” said Chris. “I’m a little apprehensive about it. Things are definitely going to be different, that’s for sure.”

“At least you won’t have to worry about your big brother,” said Piper, wiping Wyatt’s mouth. “Since he wasn’t possessed by The First he shouldn’t be the evil you left there.”

“I suppose,” said Chris. “I just don’t know what he’s going to be like. Or how much of what happened he’s going to remember. It’s possible I may get back and find he has no memory of anything that’s happened.”

“At least he won’t be trying to kill you,” said Leo. “You’ll just have to deal with the normal sibling rivalry that most brothers have to put up with.”

“That will be different,” said Chris. “It can get very tiring trying to stay ahead of him all the time. Maybe when I get back I can just take it easy for a while.”

“Leo,” said Phoebe, “what about the organizing of the demonic underground? What’s going on with that?”

“Nothing,” said Leo. “Without Wyatt to keep them stirred up the organization fell apart. The supposed leaders that Wyatt had chosen to lead his new army quickly went back to the bickering and infighting they’re famous for. Things are pretty much the same way they were before Wyatt starting organizing them.”

“Thank God,” said Piper. “I hate to think what might have happened if they had stayed organized. We have enough trouble with demons as it is without them actually organizing against us.”

“Mom, dad,” said Chris hesitantly, “there’s something we haven’t talked about. I’ve really enjoyed my time here this past week. And one of the reasons I haven’t gone back yet is because I’m not sure what I’m going back to. Or if I’ll even exist when I get there.”

“Well,” said Leo, smiling at Piper, “there are still some problems we’re working on. I still haven’t figure out a way to balance my responsibilities to the Elders with my duties to my family. Both demand that I spend most of my time with them. But we’re making progress. We’ve been talking a lot about that. Hopefully we can work something out relatively soon.”

“We have a date tomorrow,” said Piper nonchalantly.

“A date?” questioned Phoebe. “This is the first I’ve heard about that.”

“Well,” said Leo, “we do if we can find a babysitter for Wyatt. It’s kind of hard on such short notice.”

“Oh, me, me, me,” said Paige waving her hand in the air. “I can baby sit my nephew. Like Phoebe said we don’t get to spend enough time with our nephew.”

“I kind of figured you might volunteer,” said Piper smiling. “We’re going out to dinner and then to a movie. After that, we’ll just have to see what happens. We both think it’s best if we just take things slow for now.”

“Are you going to shave your legs?” asked Paige.

“That’s none of your business,” said Piper in mock anger. “You shouldn’t even ask such a thing.”

“Play your cards right and you could get lucky tomorrow,” Phoebe whispered to Leo loud enough for everyone to hear.

“Stop it you two,” laughed Piper. “It’s not like we’re teenagers or something.”

“You’ll probably be acting like them tomorrow night,” snickered Phoebe.

“Hey, these are my parents we’re talking about,” Chris said smiling. “Can we change the subject? This is just way too creepy for me.”

Piper leaned over and kissed Chris on the cheek.

“Don’t worry, honey,” she said. “I don’t think you have to worry about existing when you get back. Like Leo said we’ve been doing some talking. And things are looking…. promising. That’s all I can really say.”

“Looks like we might be babysitting a lot more in the next few weeks,” Phoebe whispered to Paige.

“Does she get to wear white to her second wedding?” Paige whispered back, smiling coyly at Piper.

“That’s enough,” said Leo. “I think we’re making Chris uncomfortable.”

“Why Chris?” Piper asked.

“Why what?” Chris asked.

“Why did I name you Chris?” Piper asked. “I don’t know anyone named Chris. I do like the name but I think I’d need more of a reason than that to pick the name for you.”

“Well,” said Chris, “as I understand it, it was dad’s idea. It was his father’s name.”

“I see,” said Piper. “I can’t think of a better reason for naming my second son after someone.”

“Well,” said Chris standing up from the table, “I guess I should be going. I think I’m going to have a lot to catch up on when I get back.”

“Thanks for everything,” said Piper hugging him close. “It’s a shame we won’t see you again like this. And it’s going to be many years before we can even talk about it with you.”

“It was nice meeting you,” said Phoebe as she hugged Chris. “You’re a great nephew. I’m glad you’re one of the good guys.”

“Goodbye nephew,” said Paige, also hugging Chris. “Try not to do much more time traveling in the future. It’s pretty taxing, especially for us.”

“Thanks, everyone,” said Chris. “I’m glad everything worked out okay.”

“You’ve been a royal pain in the ass,” said Leo standing before his son. “You trapped me on the mythical island of Valhalla, got me trapped in the prehistoric past, nearly got us killed on a dozen occasions, and just generally caused us more trouble than most demons ever do. I’m glad to see you can take care of yourself.”

“I learned a great deal from you,” said Chris. “I’m sure I can still learn more from you. We’ll just have to wait and see when I get back.”

“Take care of yourself,” said Leo, hugging his son close. “We’re looking forward to seeing you in the future.”

“I will,” said Chris, wiping a tear from his eye. “I’d better get going. I hate long goodbyes.”

Chris stepped into the foyer of the house while his family watched from the kitchen. He prepared the archway on the floor that would open the vortex to the future. When he was finished, he incanted the spell that opened the vortex. It opened and he looked back at his family one last time.

“I love you,” he said, his voice breaking slightly.

Without another word, Chris stepped into the vortex and disappeared from the manor.

“I’m going to miss him,” said Paige. “It was never dull with him around.”

“Well,” said Piper picking Wyatt up from his high chair, “I think I’m going to go up to my room. I need to pick something out for tomorrow night.”

“Are you okay?” Leo asked Phoebe as Piper went upstairs. “You seem preoccupied.”

“It’s nothing,” said Phoebe, “really. Chris said he didn’t like long goodbyes. That’s the same thing Cole said just before he left. I was just wondering where he was and what he was doing right now.”

“We may never know,” said Leo, putting his hand on her shoulder. “But he was a hero. He saved everyone.”

“I know,” said Phoebe. “I never thought I’d ever say this again but I miss him.”

“So do I,” said Leo. “But I’m sure wherever he is, he’s thinking about you.”

Phoebe smiled at Leo. She was sure he was right. Cole could be anywhere or in any time. She had no idea if she would ever see him again. But she also knew she would be thinking about him a great deal, especially in the near future.
The End

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