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 Post subject: Torchwood: Saving Myfanwy (Teen) complete
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Title: Saving Myfanwy
Characters: Jack Harkness. Owen Harper, Gwen Cooper, Ianto Jones, Toshiko Sato, Myfanwy.
Rating: T
Prompt: (By Yamx who won me in the Support Stacie September author auction). Gen fic. Myfanwy (the pterodactyl) is sick or injured. Tell me what the team does, how each of them reacts, what they do or don't do to help her. Should be set somewhere in late season one. Should include all members of the team. Don't do anything that would obviously break canon (e.g. don't kill Myfanwy!). It should be written in such a way that it could theoretically have happened in canon "between episodes."
Notes: Set after Combat (Series1 episode 11) but before the events of Captain Jack Harkness/End of Days (Series 1 episodes 12/13). Thanks to Wildcard for help and support.

Disclaimer: I have no ownership of these or any other characters or intellectual property connected with Torchwood .

Jack paced up and down across his office floor, repeatedly picking up the phone and re-dialling. “Where the hell is he?” He demanded, glancing over at Ianto, who stood in the doorway, watching anxiously.

“Maybe he went out somewhere?” Ianto suggested, trying to sound positive, even though he was well aware that it was highly unlikely.

“Out? Where the hell is he going to go in his state?” Jack bellowed back, then seeing Ianto's expression, winced and sighed. “Sorry.”

The phone began to click yet again, going through the re-dialling sequence, this time somebody answered.

“Owen!” Jack yelled down the phone.

Silence. Then a voice said, “Sorry, Owen Harper has emigrated to Outer Mongolia.”

No, no, don't hang up. Owen, it's Jack.”

“I'm fully aware who it bloody well is, I'm on sick leave- remember?” Owen's voice grumbled back.

Jack stood in the middle of his office, his hand moving as if to pacify the voice. “Yeah I know, but....”

“I'm bloody useless at the moment Jack and you know it, I've got more ruddy bandaging than Tutan sodding khamen.”

“Yeah, I know, but....”

“I can barely move, no way can I drive.” Owen stated, clearly having no intention of co-operating. “I got bitten by a ruddy Weevil and I'm sutured in all the wrong places to be able to do anything- unless of course you want me to spring a few and bleed to death all over your office carpet?”

“Owen... shut up.” Jack stood in silence, mentally counting to ten, while Owen continued to complain on the other end of the phone. Taking the receiver from his ear, he sighed then smiled wearily over at Ianto.

Holding out the phone for him to take, he said, “Wait until he runs out of complaints, then tell him you'll pick him up in five minutes. I'll go see how she's looking.”

Ianto nodded, listened warily for a couple of seconds, then sighed and sat down, positioning the handset on the desk. The faintly metallic sound of Owen's voice, rambled on.

Owen finally ran out of steam, the phone fell silent and Ianto picked up the receiver. “Owen! Ianto, I'll pick you up in five minutes, see you then, bye.” Quickly hanging up before Owen could get his second wind and start all over again.

Going back into the Hub, he paused, glancing down towards the ramps and steps that criss-crossed the base of the Hub. Jack was crouching down against the far wall, beside him was something that had been covered up with a tarpaulin sheet.

Ianto moved rapidly down the steps, then across the ramps, stopping when he reached the armoury, he glanced back.

Jack stood up and look towards him, shaking his head. “She's not even strong enough to move that tarp, god knows what's wrong.” He said, glancing down.

Staring at the sheet, Ianto found himself willing it to move- it didn't. “I'll go and get him,” he murmured, standing motionless, reluctant to move. “He'll be able to do something. He's good.”

Jack nodded, watching as he headed out towards the garage.

“Hope so,” Jack said, quietly, he might be a pain in the arse, but when the chips were down, it wasn't often that Owen failed them. He found himself silently hoping that this was not going to turn out to be one of those times. Myfanwy and Ianto would forever be bound together in his mind- he really didn't want to consider the possibility of losing either.

* * *

Gwen stood patiently waiting as the rolling door made its usual, ponderous move to the left. As her view of the Hub widened, she noticed Jack, sitting by the wall. With the opening now clear, she stepped through and it was then that she saw the tarpaulin sheet, seemingly it had been hurriedly thrown over something barely a foot away from him.

“Is something wrong?” She asked, moving towards him. Her gaze was fixed on the tarp trying to get some idea what it was covering. “I thought I saw Ianto going out in the SUV... he looked like he was in a hellova rush.”

“Yeah, he's gone for Owen.” Jack stood up, then stepped to one side as if to give her a clearer view.

“Owen's still on sick leave,” she murmured, shaking her head. “Who's....” As soon as the words left her lips, she knew that it couldn't be a who, it was far too big.

Jack stood, hands thrust into his pockets, trying to look relaxed, but it was perfectly clear that he was a very worried man. “Myfanwy. Found her this morning, just here.” He nodded briefly in the direction of her covered body. “She didn't seem to be hurt, at least nothing I could see, just very weak. I threw that over her, all I could do. We waited to see if she picked up any, when she didn't, I rang Owen.”

“Maybe she ate something that had been poisoned?” Gwen suggested, not really sure what else to say.

Jack shrugged, “Yeah, we thought that was the most likely option, trouble is it could have been from anywhere. She's out there scavenging most nights.”

Gwen bit her lip, there really wasn't much else to say. “How did Owen seem?” She asked, trying to sound neutral.

“Oh, you know Owen,” he murmured, turning towards Myfanwy. “Full of the joys of Spring, as ever.”

“How stable do you think he is?” She enquired quietly. She hadn't seen him since they'd hauled him out of the fighting cage and she couldn't help feeling that perhaps she was, in some way, responsible for his erratic behaviour.

“No idea, but I reckon that his professional training will kick in, well once he's got fed up of reminding me he's not a vet.” Jack turned back towards her, attempting to smile. “Might as well get a drink or something, you want one?” He said, moving off towards the spiral staircase that led to the overhead walkway.

Gwen shook her head. “No thanks.”

“Morning.” Toshiko stepped into the Hub, nodded towards Gwen, then noticed the sheeting. “What's that?” She asked, as she turned and started up the steps.

“Myfanwy.” Gwen murmured.

Toshiko stopped, turned and came back down the stairs. Crossing over to the far wall, she looked down at the indistinguishable heap. “What happened?” Her voice sounding worried, she leaned over and nudge the edge of the sheet back, revealing the tip of Myfanwy's beak.

“Don't know, Jack thinks maybe she ate something that had been contaminated.”

“Well, can we get a vet or something?” Although what vet would know anything about pterodactyl's? Toshiko pondered.

Gwen shrugged, “Ianto's gone for Owen.”

Owen!” Tosh stared at her in surprise. “Is that wise? I mean, after....” Her voice trailed away.

“Not got a lot of choice I'm afraid,” Jack called down from the walkway, his voice echoing around the Hub.

“No. I suppose not.” Sighing, she moved back towards the steps. “I'll see if I can find any information that might help. Not that there's likely to be very much on sick dinosaurs. It's possible if it's some kind of poisoning, there may be reports of other animals being affected- I'll check just in case.”

Gwen nodded, then walked towards her workstation. Sitting down she sat gazing at Myfanwy (or at least what little was visible.). Jack moved along the walkway and back down to ground level.

“Do you think Owen will be able to do anything for her?” She asked, looking up at Jack as he passed her on his way back to the stricken pterodactyl.

Shrugging he leaned against the wall, folding his arms across his chest. “I really hope so, but if he can't... there's not a lot else we can do.”

The sound of movement and voices entering the armoury made both Jack and Gwen look towards it.

“What do you mean she was just lying there? She's a bloody pterodactyl, she doesn't lie anywhere.” Owen's voice echoed around the hub, then mixed with Ianto's Welsh twang as he argued back about the accuracy of what he had apparently just told him. “Tell you what Ianto, why don't you do something useful, like ring up the Natural History Museum and ask them how you treat a flying dinosaur with food poisoning. I'll hold the door open for them when they arrive with the straight jacket and cart you off in a padded wagon.”

Ianto stopped and glared at Owen, “I'm fully aware that it's not going to be easy, I never said it would. All I said was that I was confident you'd be able to do something. I didn't say whatever it was would do any good, just that you'd do something.”

“Thank you Ianto Jones, for that wonderful vote of confidence. Don't call us, we'll call you.” Owen yelled back at him, as he moved towards Jack.

Gwen looked sorrowfully across at him as he passed her, he looked bruised and battered, he might sound like the Owen she knew, but his movement was stiff and slow and the tone of his voice was forced and laboured.

Struggling to lean over, Owen pulled the sheet covering Myfanwy further back, so he could see her head and part of her body.

The pterodactyl's body shivered, she made a vague attempt to move her head, then slumped back and lay still. “Bloody hell girl, what have you done to yourself?” He murmured sadly, shaking his head. Straightening up slowly, he looked at Jack. “Do us a favour, cover her up again, will you?”

Jack did as he was asked. “So, what do you think?” His eyebrows raised in enquiry, but in reality he already knew the answers.

“I know I don't need to tell you I'm not a vet,” Owen said wearily, not looking at him. His neck ached and he felt like he hadn't the strength to hold his head upright. “If somebody can take some samples that I can run through, see if there's any change from the last lot I took, when we gave her a health check. Oh and if there's a chance of getting up there,” he pointed to Myfanwys nest high above them. “See if there's anything partly eaten we can test- you never know we might just drop lucky.”

* * *

Toshiko sat on the steps that led down from the platform to the floor of the hub. Hugging her knees, she watched as Jack paced up and down, occasionally stopping and looking in the direction of the autopsy room, where he knew Owen was working on the samples they had taken from Myfanwy.

“I can't think of anything else to search for,” she said, helplessly.

Sighing, she looked over at Gwen, who just smiled and shrugged. “We've done all we can, it's up to Owen now.”

Jack finally stopped pacing and glanced over at Ianto, who was leaning against the spiral staircase, arms folded, staring blankly at the floor. Looking up he smiled vaguely towards Jack before pulling his arms tighter to his chest. It seemed they had run out of options and he just had to face the fact that she was getting steadily weaker and there was nothing that Owen was going to be able to do about it.

Pushing his hands into his pockets, Jack went over to him. Glancing at him, then looking down at the floor.

Ianto didn't move, just looked briefly in his direction and then back to the floor again. “I think if he'd found anything we'd know. I could go and ask, but....”

Jack shook his head and retraced his steps back the way he came.

“I suppose I could go and see.” Gwen's voice trailed off, if he wanted her to go she would, but she doubted that Owen would be any happier to see her than Ianto at the moment.

“Maybe I should go?” Toshiko suggested, standing up.

Jack nodded, “Thanks.” Then turned and began pacing again.

* * *

Toshiko stood on the autopsy room landing, quietly watching Owen as he checked slides under a microscope. Straightening up, he rubbed his aching ribs then looked wearily up at her. “Tosh. Anything from the nest?”

Shaking her head, she sighed. “No. Nothing. Let's face it, it was a long shot anyway.” Clearing her throat nervously, she said, “You look exhausted. Do you want a drink or something?”

Rubbing his eyes, he replied. “No. It's alright. Thanks, but no.”

“You really should take a break you know, it's not long since you,” her voice trailed off, not wanting to finish saying what she had been thinking since he arrived. “Why don't you come and relax a bit, maybe you'll think of something then. It often happens to me, I suddenly realise the answer was staring me in the face as soon as I walk away from it and think about something else.”

Owen sighed. “If you're about to tell me, that all your most inspirational ideas come when your sitting on the toilet- forget it! I'd have to pitch a bloody tent in there and you know what I think about camping.”

Toshiko giggled, the thought of Owen trying to put up a tent in the confines of the toilet was hilarious. “Just so long as you don't expect me to help.”

“I wouldn't dream of it,” he said, smiling back.

There had to be an answer somewhere to this. Owen looked around the scattered sheets of paper he'd been working things out on, options for what could be wrong- all crossed out. He closed his eyes, he felt so bloody tired! All he really wanted to do was curl up and sleep, but he couldn't.

Bloody hell, that's it!” Grabbing hold of phials and a syringe he threw them into a tray along with gloves and wipes.

“You know what to do?” Toshiko was suddenly standing bolt upright, amazed at his sudden change in attitude.

“Yep!” He announced, then winced when he reached for the tray, forgetting about his bruised ribs.

“Tosh, do us a favour,” he looked pleadingly up at her.

He didn't have to ask again, she was down the staircase and grabbing hold of the tray before he had the chance to.

“It might not work,” he yelled after her, as she sprinted back up the stairs, while he followed at a more sedate pace.

Jack, Gwen and Ianto all heard his voice and stood up without thinking, staring towards the autopsy room.

Jack moved forwards, as Toshiko and Owen reached the platform. “You got something?” He demanded, looking from Tosh to Owen.

“I dunno, maybe.” He really didn't hold out much hope that it would work and there seemed little point at this stage in raising false expectations.

Jack nodded, then glanced automatically towards Ianto, who was standing nervously behind Gwen.

“So, what do we do?” He demanded, looking back to Owen.

Owen licked his lips nervously. “Okay look, it's a really long shot.” He paused, blinking rapidly. “Basically it's kill or cure. Knock her out and hope we can trigger her natural defences to kick in and well... see if she can cure herself.”

“Okay,” Jack nodded, nervously. “Well if that's all we can try, it's better than doing nothing- right?” He looked at Owen, clearly needing some kind of confirmation that he wasn't just telling them in a round about way that it was kinder to put her out of her misery.

Nodding, Owen attempted to smile, he didn't feel like he could give him the reassurance he was clearly asking for.

“Somebody is going to have to inject her, I'll supervise the amount and where, but if she reacts, I'm not going to be able to get out of the way quick enough.”

“I'll do it.” Toshiko said, quietly.

“Sure?” Owen asked, reluctant to shift what he saw as his responsibility onto her.

She nodded and moved quickly down the stairs, then turned and waited for him to catch up.

While Toshiko and Owen prepared the injection, Jack began to organise the others. “Right, we need to get the tarp off.”

* * *

Waiting had never been one of Jack Harkness' strong points. After Gwen finally lost her temper and threatened to strangle him if he didn't stop pacing up and down, he retired to the relative privacy of his office.

Owen was sleeping on the settee, occasionally snoring. Ianto sat beside Myfanwy watching her laboured breathing and holding his breath every time it faltered.

Toshiko was at her workstation, still searching for any scrap of information that might help. Gwen sat silently watching Ianto and then Myfanwy by turns, occasionally glancing towards Tosh and in the general direction of Jack's office.

Time ticked inexorably on. Ianto glanced at his watch, then leaned back against the wall, looking up at the ceiling far above him. Gwen had decamped to one of the easy chairs and was flipping randomly through a magazine.

Jack wandered out of his office, smiled vaguely at Gwen then went down to the floor of the Hub. The sound of his footsteps got Ianto's attention, watching him as he slowly approached.

“How is she?” Jack asked, not expecting any good news, but he asked anyway.

“Same,” Ianto murmured, glancing down at her. He was about to turn back to Jack when he paused, staring. For a split second he could have sworn....

Jack saw his reaction and looked too, blinking, not sure what Ianto had noticed and reluctant to ask, then he noticed something too (or thought he had). A slight but definite movement seemed to be coming from under the sheeting.

“Did I just see what I thought I did?” He queried, his head tipped slightly towards the other man.

“I dunno, did you see what I saw?” Ianto asked, staring at the same spot.

Seconds later and both men were very sure what they had seen. The sheeting was now moving repeatedly, as if something underneath it was struggling to get out.

“Quick get it off her.” Jack said, moving quickly and grabbing one end of the sheet as Ianto grabbed the other. They barely had time to get the sheeting clear of her body before Myfanwy struggled to her feet and took one very wobbly step, before attempting to stretch her wings.

By now Toshiko and Gwen were standing by the railings grinning, overjoyed Toshiko turned back towards Owen, who was still lying on the settee with his back to them. “Owen. Owen. Come quick.”

“Yeah, if it's another bloody invasion, divert them to Newport- it's probably closed.” Owen mumbled, covering his ears to try and block out the noise.

Sighing she looked over at Gwen, who shrugged and then laughed. “Oh, sod him!” Then raising her voice, added, “If he wants to play mister bloody grumpy, just let him.”

Myfanwy was now moving more freely, hopping about and testing her wings properly. Jack nodded towards where the others were standing and watching, it was time they got clear and gave her more room to manoeuvre. Tipping her head back, she gave an ear splitting scream, then launched herself into the air, circling the hub as she rose upwards towards her nest.

* * *

Owen Harper sat up wearily and peered towards the others as they stood happily watching Myfanwy heading for home. “I hate to be a burden, but do you think somebody, could strain themselves and take me home? I've got a ruddy awful headache.”

Toshiko was the only one to take any notice, moving away from the group, she turned and smiled at him. “I'll take you, if you like,” she said, trying not to sound too eager.

“Thanks Tosh. At least somebody's interested.” He grumbled standing up, then glaring across at the others, who seemed to be ignoring him completely.

When Toshiko moved to take his arm, Owen pulled back slightly, he wasn't quite that bad! “I'm okay luv, you go on, I'll follow.”

Jack, Gwen and Ianto stood in a huddle, listening to the sounds of the other two leaving. Gwen glanced around first. “It's okay they've gone.” She giggled. “That was a bit mean, he did save her.”

“Yes, he did,” Jack nodded. “But I don't think we need to fuel the fire, his ego's big enough already.”

“Definitely!” Ianto chipped in, nodding. “Not that I was going to be the first to mention it.”

Gwen gave him a sideways glance. “No, I'm sure you weren't!”

Sensing a growing undercurrent, Jack clapped his hands. “Right people, think we've spent enough time on this. Can we get some work done now please? Gwen, you found anything else on that damned craft that's been buzzing us for the last few days?” When she didn't respond, he added. “Right. Take that as a no, then shall I? Keep looking.”

Heading towards his office, he yelled back, “Ianto, any chance of some coffee?”

“Yes, sir,” Ianto yelled back, smirking as he headed for the stairs.

“That's what I like to hear, proper deference to the boss. Keep it up.” Jack replied.

“Oh I intend to, sir!” Ianto yelled back.

The End

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Owen sighed. “If you're about to tell me, that all your most inspirational ideas come when your sitting on the toilet- forget it! I'd have to pitch a bloody tent in there and you know what I think about camping.”


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