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 Post subject: Petunia's Second Chance (Harry Potter) TEEN
PostPosted: Sat Feb 06, 2016 1:56 am 
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Summary: Petunia Evans gets a second chance to be 11 again and do things right.

Chapter 1 A New Start

Petunia was in a strange office with a brown haired man wearing a black suit sitting behind a desk. Petunia asked curiously as she took a seat in the brown chair, "Who are you?"

The man replied annoyed, "Petunia, I'm your Grim Reaper, Drew Pearson, and you are dead for the 6th time. You were never supposed to mary Vernon Dursley; you were supposed to mary your soul-mate, Omar Hotz, a nice Muggle that you were supposed to meet at a nice boarding school. You never got into the boarding school because Dumbledore told them you weren't interested."

Petunia asked curiously, "How did I die six times?

Drew explained annoyed, "First, you died when you're 11, you got hit by a bus. The next time was when you were twenty, Dumbledore slipped you a too-strong love potion, so you would mary Vernon. All the other times were from Vernon when Harry was living with you. This time was from a car accident when you were going to see your son. I'm giving you a second chance with you being 11, again with your memories. You won't be able to save Lily and James, but you will be give Harry a happy childhood with three or four cousins and a godfather. You will send Sirius Black on a Hocrux hunt during the year before your sister's and her husband's deaths; Harry has to be bitten by a werewolf to destroy the hocrux."

Petunia said kindly, "I want to make everything right. I did get into a boarding school in Switzerland when I was 11 called Aiglon College, but I didn't go."

Drew said kindly, "Good."

At the Evan's house after the post came:

Petunia ran downstairs and picked up the post and brought it into the kitchen where she saw Lily and their parents. She said apologizing, "Lily, I'm really sorry for calling you a freak, yesterday when we met Severus. I promise with a cherry on top that I'll never do it again. You are really lucky that you can do magic. Will you forgive me?"

Lily smiled and said happily, "Tuney, I forgive you."

Rose Evans said excitedly, "Petunia, you got something from Aiglon College." She handed her older daughter the envelope.

Petunia ripped open the envelope and read the acceptance letter. She exclaimed happily, "I got into Aiglon College in Switzerland! I'm going to a boarding school!"

Connor smiled and said, "Petunia, we knew that you would get into a boarding school. We're so proud of you."

Aiglon College in Switzerland:

Connor said annoyed, "I wish that we could find La Casa."

A 11 year old boy with amber hair with blue eyes came up to them and said kindly, "I'm Omar Hotz. I'll show you were La Casa. I've been going here since I was 9."

Petunia said kindly, "I'm Petunia Evans. This is my first year; I'm from England." They walked to La Casa. She found her room which was shared with three of females, Violet Amulen, Penny Hotz, Omar's twin sister, and Addy Perkins.

Connor smiled and said kindly, "Bye, Petunia." He left.

Petunia loved her school.

January 30th, 1971:

Petunia walked down the stairs with a small box to the kitchen where Lily and her parents were sitting. She exclaimed, "Happy 11th birthday, Lily!"

Lily opened the box to see a handmade bracelet and said happily, "Thank you, Tuney. I got a letter from Hogwarts like Severus said that I would." Rose led Prof. McGongall into the kitchen.

Prof. McGongall said kindly, "I'm Prof. McGongall, Deputy Headmistress and Transfiguration Professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Lily, you will be able to learn how to control your magic."

Lily said annoyed, "I want to be with Tuney!" The teacup shattered.

Petunia explained calmly, "Lily, you need to learn to control your magic; you will have fewer accidents. We'll see each other during summer, Easter, and winter holidays. We can write to each other during school."

Lily smiled and said, "I'll go, Prof. McGongall." They went to a place called Diagon Alley where Lily got her wand, books, and robes for her school.

September 1st, 1971:

Petunia said kindly, "Bye, Lily."

Lily smiled and said kindly, "Bye, Tuney. Tell me about your expeditions at your school." She went onto Platform 9 3/4 Quarters, and Petunia went to her own train to get to her school.


Petunia pushed her daughter, Cynthia with her husband, Omar to a small pub to celebrate Lily's graduation from Hogwarts. She saw Lily holding hands with James and said happily, "Congratulations, Lily and James."

Lily smiled and said, "Cynthia has gotten so big since she was born, Petunia and Omar."

Vernon Dursley said sweetly, "Petunia, I'll buy you a drink."

Petunia yelled, "VERNON, I'M MARRIED, AND I HAVE A DAUGHTER WITH THE MAN THAT I LOVE! LEAVE, NOW!" She punched him in the nose.

Vernon said, "Fine." He left.

November 1st, 1981 on 8 Joss Lane, Cumbria:

Petunia went and picked up Harry from the doorstep; she brought him inside. She filled the sink with warm water and placed him in it. She put a diaper and a pair of Dudley's clothes on him. She said calmly, "Harry, I'm going to take good care of you with Uncle Omar just like we do with Cynthia and Dudley."

Omar carrying Dudley came into the kitchen; he said kindly, "Hi Harry."

Cynthia asked curiously, "Mummy, why is cousin Hawwy here?"

Petunia explained calmly, 'Harry's parents got killed by a bad man, so he is living with us for now. He is going to be a wizard like his father was." She put three plates of eggs and toast with orange juice, and she put two bowls of porridge for Dudley and Harry with a sippy-cup of formula.

Dudley said, "Hawwy, play bwocks." They crawled into the living room to play.


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