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Author:  Island Breeze [ Mon Jul 11, 2005 3:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Poems & Songs by Island Breeze

Together Forever Song by Gerry Carr

Together forever!
These words I cherish in my heart…
These words that promise life far better…
For with these words we’ll never part.

Sharing… Caring…
As we face a life that’s new
Never fearing love, declaring,
Forever I love you!

What I give to you
Is a love pure and true
That will never die.
And in your eyes,
There’s a twinkle like a night’s
Starry sky.

Glimmering… Remembering…
All the love we have to share
The joy that once was in our dreams
Will be ours when we get there…


Wishing… Bewitching…
That look I see in your eyes…
Makes my heart begin to sing
And like the birds upon the wing, it flies…

When sunny days come, we will play in the sun
Warming in its glow… I’ll love you so!
Like a flower that’s opening,
Our love will grow…

Forever and Ever!
Hand in hand through sun and storm
With you by my side…


Giving… Living…
Our lives forever as one
That’s how long I’ll love you!

And when skies turn to gray
And the sun goes away
I will hold you near… Kiss away your tears
And create a rainbow
Just for you!

Forever and ever!
Hand in hand through sun and storm
With you by my side…


Giving… Living…
Our lives forever as one
That’s how long I’ll love you!

Author:  Island Breeze [ Mon Jul 11, 2005 11:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Here Comes The Sandman

Here Comes The Sandman Song by Gerry Carr

Sleep tight!
Here comes the sandman!
He’s making sleep plans
For you
So close your eyes and go to sleep… sleep… sleep tonight
Dream like the eagle and be free!

Baseball glove and Smurf train are put away
Eyes so heavy
It’s been a long day
So say your prayers,
Turn out the light
Little sons, goodnight!
Dream like the eagle and be free!

Spread the wings
Of your mind
And soar up in the sky
Through the valleys,
O’er the mountains,
Till the morning light

Day is over,
Tomorrow’s a new day
A distant shore,
Not really far away
The night’s
A moonlight ride across the lake
Spread your wings and fly!
Dream like the eagle and be free!

When you’ve grown up
Then you’ll understand
You will have
Your sons, too,
And you’ll sing to them

Sleep tight!
Here comes the sandman!
He’s making sleep plans
For you…
So say your prayers,
Turn out the light
Little sons, goodnight!
Dream like the eagle and be free!

Author:  Island Breeze [ Mon Jul 11, 2005 11:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Sea Song

Sea Song Song by Gerry Carr

The night is dark and peaceful-like
Stars shining in the sky
A gentle breeze blows off the sea
The waves push sand across my feet.

It’s a gentle shushing sound
No other noise for miles around
A simple sea song that just she knows
Bringing peace into my soul.

When I get tired of confusion
I go to the beach
Here I find rest and seclusion
Down by the sea
I don’t like loud noises or lines that are long
But here at the seashore they sing a different song.

I love the sea by the moonlight
The waves glimmer in the starlight
I can reach out and touch your hand
Smell the salt and feel the sand

I want to whisper, “I love you”
And hear you say that you love me, too…
Down by the seaside
Where there’s music in a sigh.

Author:  Island Breeze [ Wed Jul 13, 2005 3:40 am ]
Post subject:  Circe's Poor Bewitched Creature

Circe’s Poor Bewitched Creature Poem by Gerry Carr

I set it free…
It just couldn’t be tamed!
Well, I locked it up, you see,
But it drove me insane!
It howled, and it clawed,
And even corralled,
I witnessed quite awed,
The majesty of this one, the king of them all!

I wanted to keep it
Just for myself,
But death would have seized it
Spite all the world’s wealth…
So it leaped
And was free,
Having conquered defeat…
From the top of a tree
Sang songs so sweet,
So glad to be free!

Then this had to happen,
I don’t quite know how,
For all dressed in satin, this girl steps out…
And she calls
From her soul
And it falls,
Loses hold…

Now I’m still not quite sure
If she’d come searching it out,
But the way it flew to her,
It was never in doubt…

And her eyes
Weren’t the same,
‘Cause their size…
But she came…
She bewitched the poor thing!
So glad to be tame!


Author:  Island Breeze [ Wed Jul 13, 2005 3:46 am ]
Post subject:  Phantom Boat

Phantom Boat Song by Gerry Carr

(A song written when I was in high school and still one of my favorites.
It's better as a song than as a poem, though.)

Sitting, rowing Phantom Boat in lonely fog
Never reach the shores of yesterday.
Sometimes when I’m thinkin’,
Sometimes think I don’t
Like the day I went away to stay...
Oh, no! Now you’re gone

And I’m sitting, rowing Phantom Boat in lonely fog
Never reach the shores of yesterday.
Always thinkin’ of you,
Sun ray in the night!
Everywhere I go, I see your face.
Oh, no! Now you’re gone.

I know that I was wrong,
You thought I didn’t care
I only dream of you, but it’s too late…
Oh, no! Now you’re gone

And I’m sitting, rowing Phantom Boat in lonely fog
Never reach the shores of yesterday.


Author:  Island Breeze [ Wed Jul 13, 2005 3:52 am ]
Post subject:  Challenger (Seven Lives That Touched The World)

This is a song that I wrote on a previous anniversary of the Challenger disaster. It is about the Challenger crew, but the spirit and intent of the song applies equally to the crew of Columbia now. God bless them all!


(Seven Lives That Touched The World)

Song by Gerry Carr

The challenge was to reach up to the sky
Sailors on a sea of liquid fire…
And open up the door
To the future of the world
On a blazing rocket in the morning sky

Dick Scobee was commander of the ship
The pilot… Michael J. Smith
Judy Resnik, a pretty, young electric engineer
And mission specialist, Ronald E. McNair.
Ellison Onizuka was there, too
And Greg Jarvis, both payload specialists…
And the teacher from New Hampshire,
Lovely Christa McAuliffe,
Who taught us to reach for the stars.

Seven lives that touched the world
And gave wings to all our dreams
They will live in our hearts eternally!

Seven people shooting for the stars
For seven million reaching from afar
Not immortal gods… not the timid or the meek…
But the spirit of America: You and I…

Thinking of the paths that they would blaze
In spirit, riding with them from the Cape
When high up in the sky
As the shuttle aimed for space
The world and time stood still.

Seven lives that touched the world
And gave wings to all our dreams
They will live in my heart eternally!

Words were never made that could explain
The numbness of our hearts or the pain
But when we’re there, and someone says,
“I do not understand,”
We’ll say, “There’s seven good reasons, my friend.”

I want to hear a saxophone
Out in space, playing on,
I want to hear a piano play,
I want to be…
Near seven lives that touched the world
And gave wings to all our dreams
They will live in my heart eternally.

I wrote this as a song, and when I was recording it onto a tape, right at the end, my three-year-old son, looking at a picture that I had told him was the Big Dipper, spontaneously said, “Daddy, there’s seben stars in the Big Dibber.” I left it in the recording and merged it in with the song at the end. It just summed it all up perfectly.

Author:  Island Breeze [ Wed Jul 13, 2005 3:59 am ]
Post subject:  The House In The Woods

The House In The Woods Poem by Gerry Carr

She lived in the woods
Up a hill and a trail
Where the scented pines stood
And the moon never paled…
‘Midst the terrapins, the squirrels,
The fox and the owls…

‘Twas no house in the world
Could match Grandma’s house!

No house in the world
Like Grandma’s house,
Nary gold nor pearl
Like the birds in the boughs!
No park or playground
So mysterious and wild
That ever was found
By a venturesome child
As the deep, dark woods
With their babbling streams,
Where tall old trees stood
‘Neath the moon’s bright gleam…

No smell so exquisite
Ever came down a hill
To greet those who would visit
As the heavenly smells
Of pies in her kitchen,
Blackberries and cakes,
String beans and fried chicken,
Corn bread, country steak…
Cooked to perfection
On her wood-burning stove
With love and affection
O’er the fire’s cheery glow…

No bed ever made
Like her big feather bed
When upon it we laid
Down at night our tired heads
By a window opened high
Above the ground
To whispered trees’ sighs
And deep back-woods sounds…

No mysterious song
Ever rang through a house
Like the deep, rich “bong”
Of the clock on her shelf
Its pendulum swaying
Slowly to and fro,
Silently waiting
For the next big show…

No morning as fine
As when the rooster crowed,
The sun’s first rays shined,
And breakfast smells flowed…
The cats were awake,
Birds’ songs filled the air,
Jam on bread freshly baked,
And nary a care!

No vegetables so good
From a garden as sweet
As hers in the wood
With rows long and neat
Of watermelon vines,
Sweet potatoes, and gourds,
Pumpkins, peanuts, limas,
And sweet yellow corn…

No adventure so great
As a morning search
For guinea hen eggs
Through the woods with her…
Or for other varied
And wondrous finds…
Blackberries, blueberries,
And muskedines…

With no greater pleasures
Was a child ever blessed,

But the memory I treasure
The very best
Is of the heart and the soul
Of the house in the wood…

It’s the mem’ry that time
And all things has withstood…

It’s the reason her place
Was so special and more:

It's the kind, loving face
That one met at the door.

Author:  Island Breeze [ Wed Jul 13, 2005 4:08 am ]
Post subject:  Elle Etait La

Okay, if you don't read French, I included a translated version after the French version. This poem (This one was written as a poem, not a song) was the result of one of those incredible, amazing dreams that we have sometimes that seem so real... maybe more real than reality itself at first. The poem describes the dream, and it was written in French because "she" was French (in the dream) and the dream was in French. One of my college year poems. The dots at the beginning of some lines aren't supposed to be there, but I didn't know how to space a line any other way, and those lines are supposed to be indented.

Elle était là Poem by Gerry Carr

Elle était là, je me souviens…
Elle parlait avec moi
Comme si riens ne pourrait jamais nous séparer…

Et j’étais là … moi…
Je parlais avec elle
Jusqu’au bout de la nuit,
Et je pensais qu’il faisait jour,
Mais, hélas, c’était la nuit,
......Et la nuit

Nous serions toujours ensemble, nous disions,
.....Pour l’éternité.
Nous allions peut-être nous marier…
Je ne sais pas,
Je ne pensais pas à ça…
Seulement que je l’aimais… je l’aimais…
Le monde est beau, je me disais…
Et alors je me suis éveillé.

C’était tout pour me torturer!
La nuit devenait tout obscure
Puisque mes yeux s’ouvraient au jour!
Hélas! Ce n’était qu’un rêve…
Un beau rêve!
Mais elle existait… je l’ai touché!
........Je l’ai aimé!

Il aurait été mieux mourir
Sans jamais savoir qu’il y existait un autre monde…
Un monde ou elle n’est pas née…
Je veux rentrer!
Je veux rentrer!
Rentrer dans mon rêve!
......Mais je me suis éveillé.


She Was There by Gerry Carr

She was there, I remember…
Talking with me as though nothing could ever separate us…

And I was there… me…
Talking with her
Throughout the night
And thinking that it was the day…
But, alas, it was the night…
......And the night…
...........Was flying away!

We would be together forever, we said,
.....For all eternity!
Perhaps we would be married…
I don’t know…
I didn’t think about that…
Just that I loved her… I loved her…
The world is all beautiful, I said to myself…
And then I awoke.

It was only to torture me!
The night became dark
As my eyes opened to the day!
Alas, it was all a dream!
A beautiful dream!
But she existed… I touched her!
......I loved her!

Far better would it have been to have died
Without ever knowing that there existed another world…
A world in which she had never been born.
I want to return!
I want to return!
Return again to my dream…
................But now… I am awake.


Author:  Island Breeze [ Wed Jul 13, 2005 4:23 am ]
Post subject:  The Love Bug Bite

The Love Bug Bite Poem by Gerry Carr

When the love bug bites
Is it love at first sight?
Is it fast? Is it slow?
Does it hurt? What’s it like?
Is it red? Is it blue?
Is it day? Is it night?
Are you up? Are you down?
Are you left or just right?
Can you run? Can you hide?
Is it low? Is it light?
Is it good? Is it bad?
Is it all out-a-sight?
Or did life just begin
With a love bug bite?

Author:  tessalynne [ Thu Oct 13, 2005 3:26 am ]
Post subject: 

Lovely, lovely work.

So far my personal favorites are 'Here Comes the Sandman', 'Circe's Poor bewitched Creature', 'The House in the Woods', and 'She Was There'

Hope you share more soon. :D

Author:  Island Breeze [ Fri May 05, 2006 8:30 pm ]
Post subject: 

Thanks, Teri! :D I really appreciate that. Here's a song-poem I wrote in college. Another poem with a similar theme on another thread made me think of it. This is not one of my best works, but I always liked it anyway. :lol

<center>Where Is don Quijote? Song by Gerry Carr</center>

I sometimes wonder if there's anything for me
Where will I go to find it?
Where have I been, what's really left to see
-And things which still are free-
In a world found by Rousseau.
Teardrops falling on me.

Sometimes the world's inside and I'm left looking in,
But here I still abide.
From here I can change the world as I please...
Oh, where is Mrs. Muir? Is her ghost a mere mirage?
(A master touch of Marivaudage?)

Oh, I know Eleanor Rigby is still beside her window,
But where is don Quijote?
Did Francois Villon make it known like it is...
And is it all a nightmare... or all inside the tube?
Or can we truly choose?

Author:  Island Breeze [ Fri May 05, 2006 9:04 pm ]
Post subject: 

Here's probably the first song I ever wrote. It's sung to the tune of the instrumental song, "Sleepwalk," by Farina, Farina, Farina. It's the first and last time I ever wrote words for an existing melody. If you've ever heard the old instrumental, "Sleepwalk," sing along... :D

<center>Sleepwalk words by Gerry Carr

(to the tune of the instrumental, "Sleepwalk," by Farina, Farina, Farina)</center>

When you feel blue
You know where to go to find someone that's true!
When you feel down
Just call on me, I'll be around!
Oh you know... that I think of you
'Cause I told you so!
And I'll be true... So please,
Baby, don't be blue...
Come home to me...
And you'll never cry again!
The past will blow away with the wind!
I'll never turn you away,
Tell me you'll stay
With me... by my side... Please don't hide!
You'll never be blue again...
Gone with the wind are your sorrows
And life is about to begin!

Author:  TessHardingEvans [ Sat May 06, 2006 2:41 pm ]
Post subject: 

You are quite a talented writer. Please do not stop writing. We as writers must stay together!!!

Author:  tessalynne [ Mon May 15, 2006 6:31 am ]
Post subject: 

Most lovely work, both pieces. It's funny how others will often so enjoy things that we ourselves think are less than our best work. :lol:


Author:  Angie [ Wed Jan 30, 2008 1:28 am ]
Post subject: 

I'm shocked I haven't given you a reply yet to your poetry, Gerry! I absolutely love your Together, Forever!! It is so beautiful! At first I thought it was a man speaking of devotion to a woman whom he loves, then as you spoke of 'playing in the sun', I thought perhaps it was two young friends playing together who grew up together and became life-long friends. Either way I just loved it and wanted to share my feedback...:) My second favorite would have to be The House in the Woods along with The Love Bug Bite...:)

Author:  Island Breeze [ Tue Jun 10, 2008 9:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Poems & Songs by Island Breeze

Thanks, Angie! Together Forever is like a wedding song kind of. It's a starting-out-together song about a boy and a girl. I'm glad you liked my poems and songs! :grin:

Author:  Angie [ Tue Jun 10, 2008 10:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Poems & Songs by Island Breeze

You're welcome, Gerry. I think they were written well! :)

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