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 Post subject: One Shot: Tear You Apart (L/P PG-13)
PostPosted: Tue Sep 08, 2009 12:23 am 
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Title: Tear You Apart
Fandom: One Tree Hill
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: If you've watched past the Pilot episode, I should say there are none.
Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to this series. The rights belong to the creator, producers and the CW Television Network.
Summary: This was inspired by the song 'Tear You Apart' by She Wants Revenge. I kind of wonder what would have happened if Lucas hadn't talked to Peyton for the first time until the night of Nathan's party at the beach house. So, here is how I think it would have gone down.

Peyton stood in the background, looking completely unimpressed with what was going on around her. It was so boring. Another lame party where everyone got completely smashed, and people hooked up in random dark corners. Her boyfriend, the host of this big yawn, was currently doing a body shot off of Allie Kemp. Peyton shook her head, but she wasn't even disappointed anymore. This was old hat, as far as she was concerned. What bothered her more was why she continued to stand by him, considering the way he treated her. She knew she deserved better, and there were certainly plenty of boys that attended Tree Hill High School that would love to have the opportunity to do such a thing. The thing was, she wasn't interested in dating just for the sake of dating. It was a bizarre thing how she was always feeling so lonely, but at the same time, being alone seemed like a better option than putting up with Nathan for one more night.

She was glaring at him when he stood up. He helped Allie off the island in the kitchen that she had laid on so Nathan could lick salt off her tan stomach. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, and he smiled drunkenly at Peyton across the room. She rolled her eyes and turned to walk out. She slammed into someone instead, sending her drink back into her own chest. Great. Could this night suck any harder?

"Excuse you." Peyton said, even though it was all her own fault for not looking where she was going. Then she looked into the face of the boy she'd bumped into. She knew him. Well, no she didn't technically know him, but she knew of him. It was hard not to, considering all of the waves he'd been making lately.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to be standing here." Lucas answered her, and gave her a light-hearted smile. His eyes were kind and warm, nothing like his half brother's. Peyton could vouch for that many times over.

Peyton didn't bother responding to him since the last thing she needed was to get tangled up with another Scott boy. One was more than enough, as far as she was concerned. Instead, she walked around him to find a napkin or a towel so she could dry herself off. She was pretty sure her shirt was ruined, but that was no excuse to walk around all sticky and reeking of alcohol for the rest of the night. She found some paper towels on the counter, and pulled a large section of them from the roll.

"Can I get you another drink?" Lucas asked her.

"What are you even doing here?" Peyton responded bitterly.

"Nathan invited me." Lucas shrugged.

Peyton snickered at this and looked at him with pity in her eyes. "You really must be a masochist if you showed up here."

"Sounds like we have something in common." Lucas leaned in closer to her.

"You don't know me." She said with disinterest as she blotted her chest dry.

"You're right, I don't." Lucas agreed, and folded his arms over his chest. "But I do know a thing or two about hating Nathan."

He had her there. "Nathan is an easy person to hate sometimes." She wasn't in the mood to defend Nathan the way she normally would.

"So why do you stay with him?" Lucas asked her.

"That's a pretty personal question for someone who doesn't even know my name." Peyton said pointedly.

"I know your name." He looked nervous, which she found adorable, but wouldn't say so. "You're Peyton Sawyer. I'm not like, a stalker, or anything, but we've been in school together since...well...we started school."

This much was true, and since Tree Hill was a small town, it was hard to live there for too long without being noticed by someone. "Why'd you join the basketball team? Was it to win your way into your Daddy's heart?" Peyton said in a mocking tone.

"Dan Scott can rot in hell, for all I care." Lucas' eyes changed from serene blue pools to angry darts. "You don't know me either, in spite of what Nathan might have told you."

"All I know is that his Dad knocked up your Mom. If you ask me, he's a douchebag." Peyton shrugged casually.

Lucas' anger faded. Most people, for whatever reason, didn't seem to see it that way. He'd always gotten the feeling that people thought his Mom had tried to trap Dan into staying with her, but that's not the story she'd told him for most of his life. It was a weird thing to have your father so close by, and know next to nothing real about him. All he knew, he learned from reading the newspaper, or from the stories his mother or Uncle Keith told him from time to time.

"So if you didn't join the team for Dan, why did you?" Peyton asked.

"Because I love the game." Lucas said simply. "Should I have any other reason?" He asked when Peyton looked at him oddly.

"No." She shook her head. "I was just curious." He looked like he wanted to say something else, but wasn't sure what to say. So rather than watching him scramble for a sentence to keep the conversation going, she said, "Well, I'm going for a refill. I guess I'll see you around."

He watched her walk away. He felt like an idiot. He had been waiting for this kind of an opportunity for years, and he had completely blown it. He staggered over to where Haley was standing by a baby grand piano, looking at the photos that decorated the top of it. "So, you talked to her. How was it?" Haley asked without looking away from the pictures.

"I blew it." Lucas confessed, and Haley put a sympathetic hand on his shoulder.

"She's just a girl, Lucas."

"Hales, you're my best friend, and I love you, but if you say I told you so..." Lucas trailed off.

"No, no, that's not what I'm saying." She said quickly, and spotted Peyton across the room. She looked bored and completely unimpressed with her surroundings. "I just...I don't see what the big deal is."

"The big deal?" Lucas laughed and turned so he was facing Haley. "Well, for starters, she's beautiful."

"Okay, if I have to listen to you go on and on and on about this, please at least allow me to find something to throw up in while you do it." Haley's eyes rolled toward Lucas.

"And I know it looks like she's just like all the other girls, but I'm telling you, Haley, that she's not. There's something about her that...I don't even know her, and I feel like I know everything. I mean, I look at her eyes, and I feel like I can just see her soul, you know?" He looked at Haley, who was sticking a finger down her throat. Lucas laughed and shook his head. "Just wait, Haley. Someday when you find the one you're supposed to be with, you will know exactly how I feel."

Haley looked around the room, and her eyes caught Nathan. He wasn't looking back at her, but she smiled faintly before looking back at Lucas. "Well, when I find that guy, I will be sure to let you know if you're right." Haley promised him.

:heart :heart :heart :heart :heart

Brooke dashed up to the small circle that Peyton was standing in, and pulled her away from the group. "Um, hello, I was in the middle of a conversation." Peyton stared at Brooke.

"I'm more important." Brooke winked at her, and pulled her outside onto the deck.

"What's going on, Brooke?" Peyton asked once they were outside alone. There were some kids down by the water, laughing and chasing each other around.

"I saw you talking to that super broody new basketball player, you know, Nathan's brother? And I heard him talking to that tutor girl he's always trying to pretend isn't his girlfriend. But then, when I heard what he was saying, I realized that Tutor Girl isn't his girlfriend after all." Brooke informed Peyton with a devilish look on her face.

"Okay first of all, why do I care? Second of all, Tutor Girl's name is Haley."

"Since when are you so warm 'n fuzzy with Tutor Girl?"

"I'm not. She just happens to be tutoring Nathan." Peyton shrugged, and Brooke's eyes lit up the way they always did when the wheels in her brain started turning. This wasn't going to end well, Peyton could feel it.

"Brooke, what's going on?" Peyton asked for a second time, since she was lost.

"Well, I don't know what the dirt is on Tutor Girl and your boyfriend, but what I do know is that Broody has a serious crush on you." Brooke announced, and Peyton laughed.

"Right." Peyton rolled her eyes and took a drink.

"P. Sawyer I am not making this up. I overheard their entire conversation, and Lucas actually said that he thinks you are the one he's supposed to end up with."

"So? I'm with Nathan." Peyton said dismissively.

"Yeah, well, that's easily fixed. We both know that Nathan makes you miserable. Chances are, you'll be broken up by the end of the night anyway for the five or six thousandth time because that's what you two fools do. Rather than letting each other go so you can maybe be happy doing something else, you stay together so you can be miserable while doing each other." Brooke pointed out, and Peyton couldn't help but elbow her and smile at the same time. "Besides, how horrible could Broody be? He can't possibly be a bigger ass than Nathan. Besides, I've met Lucas' Mom before. She seems pretty cool."

"And how do you know his mother?" Peyton arched an eyebrow.

"Um, hello, she runs that Cafe downtown." Brooke looked at Peyton as if she should know better.

"And since when do you eat there?"

"Since they have this amazing pie that must be eaten to be believed."

"You do love a good pie." Peyton agreed.

"I do." Brooke nodded, her eyes going a little out of focus as if she were thinking of the best pie she'd ever had. She shook herself out of the little trance she went into. "Anyway, the point is, if you don't move in on this boy, I will."

Peyton laughed and finished the rest of her drink, not sure of what to do with herself.

:heart :heart :heart :heart :heart

Much like before, Peyton just stood off on her own. Only now, she was glancing over at Lucas every few minutes. She didn't even want to admit it to herself, but she was keeping tabs on him. She saw him mostly with Haley, Nathan's new tutor, and she wondered how Brooke could have ever thought that Lucas and Haley were anything more than just friends. It was obvious they were close, but to Peyton it was equally obvious that they weren't dating. There is a certain level of intimacy that is apparent when two people are more than just friends, and Peyton didn't see any of those signs coming from either of those two people. But just because Brooke's powers of perception were off (which would make sense considering the contact buzz Peyton had gotten just from catching an unfortunate whiff of Brooke's breath), it didn't mean she had heard wrong.

But as the fates would have it, Peyton looked Lucas' way one time too many, and he caught on to the fact that she was checking him out. He smiled at her briefly, and immediately, she looked away. She looked back a few seconds later, and he was still looking at her. He was also still smiling. in spite of herself, she smiled at the floor, and then took another sip of her drink. She wasn't drinking alcohol that night. She'd thought about it when she'd first arrived, but she was tired of having to numb herself in order to be around Nathan for more than a few minutes. Besides, she wanted to see him in action with sober eyes so he could tell her later that she'd been too drunk to know what she was seeing. She'd resolved that those days were over. She would go to parties, but she would only give the illusion that she was playing along.

When Lucas' stare became a little too intense for her, she started out of the room, and headed toward the stairs. She knew where she was going, and she almost hoped that Nathan saw her. More importantly, she almost hoped she saw who she was going with. It would be good for Nathan to get a taste of his own medicine. Only, she hadn't seen him in a while. For that matter, she hadn't seen Haley in a while either. She assumed Haley had excused herself to go to the bathroom, or to get a drink, but she'd been gone a little too long for that. And then, out of the corner of her eye, she saw Nathan talking to Haley down on the pier. Her smile widened as she climbed the stairs of the beach house to the second floor.

She wasn't vindictive enough to go to Nathan's bedroom. That would be far too obvious, and if Nathan went looking for her, that would be the first place he'd go. Nathan's room was notoriously off limits to his guests, whether the party was a the beach or his house in Tree Hill. For all of his local celebrity, there was a part of Nathan that was very private. So private, in fact, that his girlfriend of two years knew there were things she would never know about him. When Nathan wanted to, he could close his shell tighter than anyone she knew, herself included. She peeked over her shoulder, and she saw Lucas' sandy blond hair bobbing through the throngs of people to follow her up the stairs.

She lingered just a second longer than she needed to outside one of the guest bedrooms so Lucas would know where to go. She closed the door behind her all the same. It didn't surprise her one bit when there was a knock at the door. She opened it so she was standing behind it. No one had seen her walk into the room, and that's the way she wanted it to stay. Lucas walked into the room, and before he knew what was happening, Peyton was kissing him. She closed the door, and let him push her up against it. When they finally separated they were breathing hard, and his hands were on her face and neck.

"So when you showed up here tonight did you think that was going to happen?" Peyton smirked at Lucas, who was still trying to gather his composure.

"No, definitely not." He admitted. His hands hadn't moved from her face or neck, but she liked the heat and pressure he exerted. "But I'm glad it did."

"Brooke told me she heard you talking to that girl Haley you're always with." Peyton looked him dead in the eyes. "She said she overheard you telling Haley that you think I'm the girl you're supposed to be with." Lucas paled for a few seconds, and then turned bright pink. He didn't need to say anything in order for Peyton to figure out that Brooke had heard right, but it was still nice to have the confirmation. "Why didn't you ever talk to me if that's the way you feel?"

"Well, you're dating Nathan, for one thing." Lucas finally removed his hands from her body, as if he had completely forgotten that one fact.

"When it's convenient for Nathan, I'm his girlfriend." Peyton explained with a bitter edge to her voice. "He doesn't love me, and I don't love him. What else you got?"

"Honestly?" Lucas squinted at her, which she found peculiar, but fascinating. She nodded, and so he continued, "I didn't think I'd have a chance with a girl like you. You're smart and popular, and you're beautiful. I'm just some street rat from the wrong side of the River Court."

"Okay first of all, I don't buy into all of that Outsiders Greasers versus Soshes stuff. It's all crap. It's a lot of posturing, and if you remember from the book, it never really did anyone any good." Peyton told him.

"You read The Outsiders?" If it was possible, he was falling deeper in love with her.

"Just because I'm a cheerleader it doesn't mean I can't read." She spat back at him.

"I didn't mean to imply that-"

"And just because I'm a girl, it doesn't mean that I only read those silly romance novels you see by the grocery store check out lines."

"Okay, I'm sorry. I just...I never would have thought you would be into that kind of thing." Lucas explained. "I figured you for more of a....Edgar Allen Poe kind of girl."

"You did?" Peyton was intrigued.

"Well, I mean, you're a cheerleader, but you never really struck me as the cheery type." He shrugged, and she smiled at him. There was a sense of irony in her smile.

"Well, I guess that's what happens when you stereotype people." Peyton answered, and Lucas snickered.

"Yeah, I guess so." He sat on the edge of the bed behind him, and looked at Peyton.

Mostly, he looked at the bones he could see protruding from the top of jeans. Her shirt hung so that there was only the tiniest bit of flesh on display, but the way she was standing, her shirt rode up a little bit. Her jeans were wrapped low and tight around her hips, and when she turned to the side he could very clearly see the outline of her butt. His breath caught in his throat, and prayed she didn't hear it. She was wearing a red leather jacket over her Ramones t-shirt, and he wondered if she was wearing it because she was genuinely a fan, or because she thought it added to the image she was trying to hard to maintain.

"Are you a fan?" He pointed to her chest.

"The Ramones own the fountain of youth. Experiencing us is like having the fountain of youth." Peyton recited without hesitation.

"I'll take that as a yes then." Lucas smiled. "Do you always quote rock stars when answering questions?"

Peyton moved across the room so that she was standing right in front of Lucas. If he would have bowed his head forward, his forehead would have collided with her torso, she was so close to him. He could smell her standing there, and he wanted to memorize everything about the way she smelled. He could smell the detergent on her clothes, the leather of her jacket, the product that tamed her wild curls and the soap she used in the shower. It all blended together, and it smelled like heaven, as far as he was concerned.

"Nobody notices me. Nobody thinks I'm me." She answered him. He thought about it for a second too long, and she cracked another smile. "Don't think about it too much."

"Was that another quote, or is that true?" Lucas asked her.

"You tell me." She looked down at him, catching his eyes with her own. Again, he was squinting, and again, she felt her heart skip a beat.

"I think it's both." Lucas said without much hesitation.

"Robert Smith said that once." Peyton took a seat beside him on the bed.

"Who's Robert Smith? Wait isn't he the singer from Led Zeppelin?" Lucas asked, and Peyton laughed. She laughed hard, and her eyes lit up. Soon she was gasping for air, and he was starting to get embarrassed.

"Robert Plant was the singer in Led Zeppelin." Peyton wiped a tear from the corner of her eye. "Robert Smith is the singer for The Cure."

"The Cure....The Cure...." Lucas was trying to remember if he'd ever heard any of their music, but none of it was coming to mind.

"Oh please tell me that you've heard of The Cure." Peyton looked at him like he had two heads.

"I have." He said quickly. "I'm just not a big fan." Peyton's mouth fell open.

"What the hell kind of teenager are you that you're not a fan of The Cure? If ever there was a band more in tune with the angstiness of being a teenager, I would love to hear them." Peyton shook her head.

"That's why I read Steinbeck." Lucas told her with a little bit of excitement in his voice.

"Steinbeck? As in John Steinbeck?" Peyton asked for clarification.

"If there's any other Steinbeck out there, I'd love to read him." Lucas mocked her, and it earned him an elbow in the ribs, but he laughed quietly.

"The hell with it! There ain't no sin and there ain't no virtue. There's just stuff people do. It's all part of the same thing." Peyton said in an overly-dramatic southern accent.

"You've read The Grapes of Wrath?" Once again Lucas looked surprised.

"Like I said, that's what you get for stereotyping people." Peyton shrugged.

Lucas turned toward her as she pulled her iPod from her pocket. "Do you take that everywhere you go?"

"I'm an addict." Peyton said without looking at him. She turned the iPod on, and began scrolling in search of one song in particular. She found what she as listening for, and handed over the ear buds. "Listen to this, and tell me that it doesn't grab your spine and try to twist it into a pretzel."

Lucas put the ear buds in, and waited for Peyton to push play. The volume was loud, and he removed the bud on his right. "Can you turn that down a little?"

"Absolutely not. It was mixed to be listened to loud, and you are going to get the full experience. Man up, tiger." Peyton pushed his hand back toward his ear.

Lucas put the bud back in his ear, and listened to the music. He didn't know the name of the song, but by the third verse, the lyrics had really gotten his attention. Remembering you fallen into my arms, crying for the death of your heart. You were stone white, so delicate, lost in the cold. You were always so lost in the dark. He looked over at Peyton. Her eyes were closed, but her lips were moving. No doubt she'd listened to the song enough times to have it memorized. He wondered if it was some sort of anthem in her life, and he supposed it probably was. Of all the songs she could have chosen to play for him, she chose that one in particular. He glanced down at the name of the song to find it was called "Pictures of You". He made a note of that for future reference. The song seemed to go on forever, but in a beautiful kind of way. Peyton didn't open her eyes until the last note ended, and immediately she pushed the pause button on the iPod.

"So, what'd you think?" She asked him as he handed back her ear buds.

"I think it would be amazing to make out with you while listening to it. We should try that some time." Lucas suggested, more for humor's sake than anything else.

"And what if I said that could be arranged?" Peyton wrapped the cord of the ear buds around her iPod.

"I would say you'd have to break up with Nathan first. He's got enough reasons to hate me without thinking I stole his girlfriend."

"But isn't that exactly what you're doing?" Peyton stuffed the iPod in her pocket.

"It takes two to make an accident." Was the response Peyton got, and when she didn't answer, Lucas said, "That's from The Great Gatsby."

"I know where it's from." Peyton got up suddenly, and zippered her coat.

"Did I do something wrong?" Lucas asked quickly, jumping up beside her.

"Look, I um, I think maybe this was a mistake, Lucas." Peyton was uncomfortable, and playing with her hair in a frenzied way.

"We were just talking."

"No, we weren't. People who are just talking don't lock themselves in a bedroom at a party, and start the conversation by making out."

"It was a really good talk."

"That's not funny." Peyton shook her head.

"I'm sorry." Lucas apologized.

"Did you mean what you said to that Tutor Girl?" Peyton asked him.

Lucas looked at her for a while, again with that squint. "I didn't come here tonight with the intention of meeting you, but I did come with the hope. I certainly didn't plan on kissing you tonight, but I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it. I don't know how things are going to be between us tomorrow, or if this is going to be the last time we ever speak to one another, so I want to tell you something. For as long as I can remember, I have watched you float from place to place, and I have wondered if you are as beautiful inside as you are on the outside. So many people aren't. We have only been in this room for thirty one minutes and sixteen seconds, and already I am positive that you are one of the precious few who's outer beauty does not do her inner beauty justice. So if this is the last thing I ever get to say to you, I want you to know that I absolutely said what you think I said, and I meant every word of it." He didn't wait for Peyton to respond. Instead, he just turned and walked out of the room, leaving his words to sink into Peyton's brain.

Instead, where they sunk in was her heart.

"Blessed are the hearts that can bend; for they shall never be broken." -Albert Camus

I can't wait to get to work on the winning story from the Sept. Auction! November hurry up please! What an amazing 3 days it has been :heart


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