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 Post subject: The Ultimate Roswell Crossover:Multi-Fathom. Yteen
PostPosted: Sun Mar 19, 2006 1:16 pm 
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I had a beta who helped me with this fic. Thank you Island Breeze for your help!. Here is my first part of my fic
The Ultimate Roswell Crossover
Author: AlienAdele, Rebelfan, Rebel101, Rebel-Alien
Disclaimer. Don’t own them, the plot is just mine.
Summary: Dawn is the key to the Roswell Royals. Jarod helps the sheriff to find the one who forwarded the stolen files to Mulder. In Sunnydale, Buffy found the truth more difficult to comprehend.
Category: Crossover
Rating: Teen
Author’s Note: Got the idea from a role-playing game I was involved in. Tess isn’t evil, because Alex isn’t dead in this fic.

Chapter 1

Tess walked towards the school entrance with her chemistry book. She was trying to remember the different components that are needed to create a particular metal alloy. She knew the periodic table by heart -and all the components, too, for that matter- because Nasedo often gave her assignments in science. She just had to remember which ones were the right ones. As she thought about it, she looked up and noticed Michael coming…

“Morning Michael. Are you ready for chemistry?”

Michael looked at Tess’ cheerful face and shrugged,

“I wasn’t planning to come to school today. So the answer is No.”

“What is your problem?” Tess asked, a bit taken aback by Michael’s attitude.

For a moment there was silence, then Michael said, “Why don’t you go ask Max?”

Tess sighed. “What are you two fighting about now?” But before Michael could answer, Max walked up.

“Good Morning Tess… Michael, have you told Tess about your plans?” The question was rhetorical… and tinged with a hint of sarcasm.

“No, I decided to leave that honor to you, Max.”

The three of them walked into the school together.

“Michael’s decided to leave Roswell… because of a dream he’s been having.”

“Max, it is not a dream. It is a vision of someone who might be the key to our existence!”

“Tell Tess where you want to go.”

Michael looked at the blonde girl in front of him and sighed…

“In the vision, I saw a town called Sunnydale. It’s in California, and I think… we have to go there.”

Tess was shocked by Michael’s revelation, and the reason soon became clear, as she turned to him and stopped…

“Michael… I’ve been absolutely bombarded by that same vision.” She turned back to Max… “I think we should investigate it, Max.”

Max rolled his eyes… “Not you too! Alright… Okay… I’ll tell you what, let’s get our exams out of the way, then we can talk about it.”

The bell rang, announcing that it was time for class. Max took a hold of Tess’ shoulders and said, “Good Luck.”

“You too.” Tess smiled, then they entered the classroom. There, the chemistry teacher handed out the exam papers, and everyone sat down. Tess sat at her desk and looked at the paper in front of her. Realizing that knew the answers, she started to write furiously, but suddenly her pencil broke. She cursed underneath her breath, but before she could ask for assistance, she saw a pencil land on her desk and looked up to see Michael looking at her.

The test ended quickly, and everyone filed out of the class; but as they were leaving, another vision hit Michael unexpectedly. It was more intense than the former ones, and he knew, without a doubt now, that they had to go to the town he had seen in the visions. He looked at Max, this time with deep resolve… “Max, we really do have to go to Sunnydale.”

“Not again with the visions!”

Michael looked at Max and shook his head disgustedly, then he turned and walked away. "Not like you will ever understand," he yelled back at Max in irritation, "But yes, it was another vision, and now I’m more sure than ever that Sunnydale has the answers we need. It all looked so real. Please just try to understand… and believe me!”

Michael sighed irritably and walked on… "You know, this is pointless. We're never going to end up with a solution with you always disagreeing and thinking that I’m some kind of psycho,” he mumbled under his breath.

At that moment, Tess caught up with Michael. She could see in his face that he had had another vision, and she smiled… “I believe you, Michael. I had another vision just now, too."

Michael's eyes widened. “You did?” he exclaimed, glad to have someone on his side, then he sighed. “I don’t think Max, Isabel, Maria, or any of them will ever understand how real these visions are, Tess!” Michael’s voice faded slightly… “Tess… Maybe it would just be better if we headed off for Sunnydale without Max and Isabel. Maybe the two of us are enough for once, what do you think?” He lowered his head then continued, "I think we should leave Roswell today after school… the sooner we find that girl the better!”

Realizing that Max and Isabel had come up behind him and Tess while they were talking, Michael spun around to face them. He knew that they had probably overheard everything. But he stopped short, as he saw Valenti walk into the school corridor. Valenti's face seemed troubled, and Michael knew deep inside that something was wrong.

“Sheriff Valenti is here,” he said quietly, eyeing Valenti as he approached.

“Is everything alright, Sheriff?"

Valenti looked at Michael and shook his head. Max noticed that Michael seemed concerned and distracted by the arrival of Sheriff Valenti. Max, too, knew that something had to be wrong for Valenti to come here looking for them.

Valenti pulled the teenagers aside to make sure none of the other kids passing through on the way to their classes could hear him. He looked panicked. His brow had a thin layer of sweat on it, and his face was tinted red. He looked at Max, Michael, Isabel, and Tess. They were just innocents. They were different, and because of that, there were people in this world who would do terrible things to them if they ever found out about them. Valenti loved them all like a father and had sworn to protect them. “Who would want to hurt children who only wanted to go home,” he had often wondered to himself.

"Listen,” Valenti said, “I know you kids have let me in on what's going on with you… and I understand all that now; but, as you know, there was a time when I was investigating you. I kept a file on each of you. Damn it, I should have burned them. All my notes… some of Michael's past run-ins with the law, school records, general dossiers on the four of you… they’re… they’re all gone. Someone stole them… all of them. I have no idea who took them, but it can't be good. I figured the least I could do was give you a heads-up. I'm sorry…”

Isabel stood there. Her heart felt as if it had dropped into her stomach. She looked at Max, and she knew that her normal life, as “normal” as it might be, would not be the same after this.

"Fantastic!” Michael exclaimed, looking down at the floor. Then he shook his head and looked back at Tess… "This day just seems to be getting worse and worse, and if the person who stole the files is after us right now, then I…” He started to say something but seemed to change his mind. “No… No, I feel like the best time to leave Roswell is now,” he said, gesturing randomly with frustration…

Max merely stood there in the middle of the hall, motionless. He was roiling inside, but he spoke calmly… "It'll be okay,” he said, then he turned to the Sheriff… "I’m sure there is some way you can find out who stole the papers, Sheriff. Maybe a camera surveillance tape or something.”

Max was desperately trying to find a solution; he didn’t know what else to do as he looked at the frightened faces around him. Oddly, though, his frustration with Michael seemed to have passed…

"Michael… if you want to leave Roswell to fulfill some vision, go ahead, but Isabel and I are staying here. I’m going to find out who stole the files.” He gave Michael a slightly questioning glance but then left whatever he had been thinking unsaid.

“I’m glad to hear that, Max. I AM GOING TO California, but… maybe not right now, not with those files missing.” Michael sighed, looking at Valenti half in disappointment, half in annoyance. Then he explained the visions he had been having to Max, as Max listened with a peculiar look on his face. When he was finished, Max nodded. "You’re right Michael. No one should leave for Sunnydale… at least, not right now, not when we’re so vulnerable."

Isabel glanced at Michael and dropped her head, knowing where this conversation was leading.

"Michael,” Max continued, “I'm not saying I don't believe you. I am just not too keen on jumping up and going to Sunnydale just because of some random dreams. Some days I just want to deal with studying for a test, not with some wild… dreams! And what if they’re nothing? What then?"

Isabel was going to comment, but she turned her attention instead back to Valenti. Maria looked at Michael… “What's a Sunnydale, and what were you dreaming about?”

"It’s a city Maria…” Michael replied, looking clearly insulted, “Sunnydale California, and jeez, it’s not a dream, it’s a vision. You guys make it sound so… so… like some kind of fantasy I’m having!”

“Maybe if it was a CERTAIN KIND of fantasy somebody wouldn't be so crabby,” Maria mumbled to herself.

After Michael snapped back at Maria, she was about to give him a severe tongue-lashing, but some of the words she was thinking of using would get her an appointment with the principal for sure… so she put on a smile and threw her hands up.

"It's a bit too early for this. I’m going to walk away and reflect about these last few minutes. See you at lunch Izzy… Stubborn alien, son of a ---,” Maria uttered as she walked away from the group.

"Max and I can't just pack up and run away somewhere,” Isabel said, “We have our parents to consider. This is what's going to happen… We’re going to find out who took the files, take care of it, and go back to living our lives. It's not like we have much choice in the matter." Isabel glared at Valenti, clearly blaming him for the problem.

Valenti, for his part, felt terrible, especially considering Isabel's attitude toward him. He looked at Max and shook his head dejectedly… “There isn't any security camera in the police department at all except for the one over the dispatcher's desk. Maybe I can look that tape over… I’ll check out the dispatcher's logbook as well. My associates are going to want to know why. I'll take care of that, though.”

“I’ll go talk to Nasedo right now; he may have some answers,” Max said. "Come with me?" he asked, looking at Isabel. Then he glared at Valenti and said, "Can you give us a ride to the Crashdown?”

Isabel walked over and stood beside Max, but she was a bit bewildered by his odd request. She gave him a questioning look… "Max, why are we going to the Crashdown right now? What do you have in mind?"

"Nasedo asked me to meet up with him at the Crashdown this afternoon. He just wanted to check up on us, but he might have some useful ideas, Isabel.”

Valenti looked at each of them and winced at their annoyed glares. "Michael, just do me a favor and stick around till I can find out where these files might have gone. Listen, it's not like I put your secret in those files. I was investigating a murder… remember? You all need to cool your jets. I'll get to the bottom of this, but I thought you'd want a heads-up. Now we need to get going if I'm going to drop you two off at the Crashdown. I have to get back to the office. I said I was running home because I forgot my lunch… and I’m not even going to get that."

Isabel grabbed Max by the wrist, pulling him a few feet away from the others.

"Maybe we should talk to Nasedo about these visions Michael and Tess are having. I know they're wrong about going off to Sunnydale, but maybe he can help us, give us some answers.” Suddenly, she turned back to face Valenti…

What was in those files, Sheriff? It might not seem like that big a deal, but somebody thought it was. I think we at least have the right to know what was written in those reports.”

Isabel looked at the others then suddenly turned around, with fear on her face… “Were our addresses in that report?”

Michael looked at everyone’s faces… they were annoyed, and not just because of the lost files. As hard as it was to admit, his visions seemed to have annoyed them almost as much as the lost files. With his face full of sorry and regret, Michael walked slowly toward Isabel and Max and shook his head sadly…

"Forget it. I'm sorry, guys. I didn’t mean to make such a big fuss out of it. You're right, Max, we should get to Nasedo. He'll know something about the files." He turned to the Sheriff… "Lets hit the road the road, Sheriff.”

Max gave Michael a small pat on the shoulder and smiled, glad that Michael finally seemed to be coming around to his point of view. Then he looked at Valenti again…

“I think we should go as soon as possible.”

At that moment, some kids walking by in the hall looked at them and whispered, seeing them with the Sheriff. Isabel knew what they were thinking.

“We better get going,” she agreed. “ We can't keep Nasedo waiting. You know how he gets.”

Isabel lowered her head and walked toward the Sheriff's car, but the sound of glass breaking made her turn around suddenly.

“Tess!” Max yelled.

The sheriff rushed to Tess' side, followed by Isabel and the others.

"Tess! What happened?"

Alex popped out of one of the rooms nearby, having also heard the glass fall…

"Hey guys, what's going' on?”

Michael didn’t need to ask Tess what had happened. He already knew… It was another vision… the same vision… “It’s getting more serious,” he said to Tess, “Going to Sunnydale is going to be crucial, but I still think the best thing we can do right now is to go see Nasedo."

Michael helped Tess to stand up straight then pulled her gently toward the Sheriff’s car and opened the back door slowly. The sheriff jumped in the driver's seat and revved the engine.

"Come on! Let's move it!"

Michael sat close to Tess, trying to calm her. He watched, as Max and Isabel got into the car, then he stared out the window, thinking deeply about the visions. He just hoped that Nasedo would have the answers to their problems… both problems.

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Okay, I loved that part! And yes, I am prejudiced a bit. ;) I've obviously read it already. :lol Sorry it took me so long to see that you had posted it! I try to hit all the forums but I missed it. I'm glad it's posted! Looking forward to some more. It's a very interesting story and concept. :D :thumbsup :heart :heart :heart :ufo

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Here is the next part
When they reached the Crashdown, Michael opened the back door quickly and stepped out of the car, looking around to see whether Nasedo was there or not, then he looked back at Isabel, Max, Tess, and Maria and crossed his fingers.

Isabel kept her eyes on Tess, making sure that she was okay. She was relieved to finally be at the Crashdown; hopefully Nasedo could help them figure out what was going on with these visions and why Tess and Michael were the ones getting them.

"Max,” Tess said imploringly, with a shaky voice, “The visions are getting stronger, and I can't control them anymore. I need to go to Sunnydale to find out what’s going on.” Tess looked at Michael, then at Valenti… "Michael, please. Nasedo can't help us. I know it sounds strange, but the visions came to us for a reason.”

Max slipped out of the car and walked into the cafe. He didn’t see Nasedo at first, so he turned back to Michael, Tess, and Isabel and shrugged…

"He should be here."

At that moment, Nasedo stepped out of the men’s room. Max quickly walked over to him, and the two of them sat down at the table in the corner and waited for the others to join them. Isabel took a seat beside Michael. Of the four, Isabel looked the most frightened and uncomfortable. She looked around as though expecting something to pop out and surprise them at any moment. Michael locked eyes with Nasedo for a second then said in a quiet, cautious voice, "The sheriff was keeping files on each of us… back when he was trying to uncover us… before he knew us. Those files have everything about us, police records… everything.” Michael stopped, not knowing what to say next. He decided to skip the part about the visions. He felt that the tensions were high enough as it was. But Tess knew that Michael was no longer able to control his visions or what was happening to him… neither of them could now. Sitting next to Michael, she placed her hand on his…

"Michael the only thing for us to do is to go to Sunnydale and try to figure out what these visions are. I…”

But before Tess could say what she was going to say, she was hit by another vision. This time, she saw some kind of monsters… and they were trying to destroy their only link to finding out why they were on Earth.

Nasedo gazed nonchalantly at the posters on the wall then back at Michael, not really paying much attention to Michael but instead seeming to be lost in his own thoughts… "I already knew that the files were stolen, and I know who has them. It's too late to get them back, though. Congresswoman Whitaker sent them to some agents in Washington. You’re going to be tracked and spied on, and there is nothing that any of you can do about it at this stage. You need to listen to me carefully…”

Nasedo’s voice softened and he leaned in closer and whispered, “They're primarily after Max. They don’t need any evidence on him, because they already have proof of his identity… they have had since the day Pierce captured him. But you three…” He pointed at Michael, Isabel, and Tess… “You three are safe for now. But you are also the ones they will focus the most efforts on… to try to get something on you…

And as for the visions…” Nasedo said, in a disappointed tone of voice, "I was hoping they weren’t real, but now, I'm afraid that they are.” Nasedo lowered his head, and his voice, slightly. “When you first arrived in Roswell, you were not meant to be four. Another girl, who is the key to your existence here, was supposed to accompany you. She was the one who had the answers… She was to be your guide.”

Nasedo turned his head away and continued, "Things didn’t go quite as intended, and the girl ended up in Sunnydale. That’s why I’m here. I was sent as her replacement.”

Isabel had this bad feeling that they were going to Sunnydale… whether they wanted to or not. She glanced over at Max… "But if this girl has all the answers to our needs, how come she didn’t come to us? I mean, how come she didn’t even contact us?"

“Yeah, well, about the files,” Michael said, suddenly deciding to try to bring them back to the original topic, “The Agents are going to go after Max, we know that. Does that suggest that he should hide somewhere?” Then an idea struck him…

“What if Max goes to Sunnydale to look for the girl? Then the agents will be less likely to capture him… I mean, if they don’t know where he is!”

Tess understood Michael’s urgency, and she looked at Nasedo, still rubbing her head after having had another painful vision… "What are we going to do now?"

"I think we should split up,” Michael said, “Since the agents need some kind of proof or evidence, then there is no need for Tess, Isabel, or me to get scared. But…" He paused then locked eyes with Max, "Max needs to hide, and hiding in Roswell is pointless, because they will find him sooner or later. The only solution for Max is to leave Roswell, and Sunnydale should be his destination. He can help us find the key at the same time. In fact, maybe Isabel should go with him. They can tell their parents they're doing research or something so it’s less suspicious. Tess and I can stay here and watch for the agents. How does that sound?” He hoped that someone would agree…

Max wanted to disagree with the idea of going to Sunnydale, but Michael was right. Max didn’t have any other choice but to hide from the FBI. He had been caught once, and once was enough. He turned to Isabel and murmured, “What do you think, Isabel? I know this isn’t what you want or what I want, but it may be our only choice.”

Nasedo shook his head. “It won’t work this way, Michael. You and Tess had the visions. One of you needs to accompany Max or else going to Sunnydale will just be a waste of everyone’s time.”

Isabel stared at the floor. She didn’t really want to lie to her parents, but right now there wasn't much choice in the matter… “I think we should all just go to Sunnydale. That's where this girl is, so maybe we should just all go to Sunnydale,” she said, looking around the table to see what everybody’s reaction would be.

Nearby, Maria was making some last minute adjustments on her uniform, in preparation for her work shift, then she walked out onto the floor. She noticed, with some annoyance, that the Pod Squad was sitting together talking to Nasedo, and she turned away… "I'm not even going to go over there and get involved in the alien fan club this time."

Maria was sorely tempted to “accidentally” spill some water on Michael’s lap… just to get under his skin, and she found herself daydreaming about walking over and smashing a pie in his face, making the whole gang laugh and Nasedo snicker, totally embarrassing Michael. The image made her laugh out loud, but she snapped out of it and put on a more serious face, as she noticed people looking at her… "Oh! I, uh… I guess you all had to be there."

Taking a deep breath to clear her mind, she got back to her work and noticed a girl with short blonde hair sitting at one of her booths. Dashing over, Maria pulled out her note pad and pen, ready to take the order. But the girl couldn’t help noticing that, as Maria wrote, she kept glancing at Michael…

"Maria,” she said, reading Maria’s nametag, “Nice looking guy… major crush?"

"Nah, just a jerk. Okay, get this, we're in class and he bails, runs out of the room like a nutcase. I play the worried girlfriend, and when I try to help out, he snaps at me."

The girl laughed and shook her head knowingly… "Girl, you know that if he walked over here and said, ‘Baby I'm sorry,’ you would melt right away."

Maria snickered and threw her hands up. "Oh no, that boy is so out of my system! He had a good thing and he blew it! The Deluca train done passed him by."

"That's what we all say, but we never get them out of our system," the girl said, extending her hand toward Maria… "Name’s Chloe.”

Maria politely shook her hand, “What are you doing here… in Roswell?”

“Just wanted to get away from Smallville. Too many bad memories.”

Maria looked at Chloe and grinned… “Smallville… as in ‘The Smallville?’ ”

“That’s the one, the one with the meteor catastrophe… I know how you feel, Maria. There was this boy that I had a crush on for I don’t know how long, and one day, when he got sick, I poured my heart out to him, but in his delirium the only name he uttered was my best friend’s name. After that, I decided to leave Smallville. I just never thought that I would end up in the alien capitol of the world.”

Maria was about to speak, when suddenly she saw Max signaling her…

“Be right back with your order.”

She walked over to the Pod Squad.

"Maria, I’m starving,” Max said, “How about some food?"

While Max and Michael gave Maria their orders, Isabel and Alex wandered off somewhere to talk in private. Then Max got up and went to look for Liz. Finding himself somewhat more alone with Maria, for the moment, Michael tried to explain what had been going on, but with no success.

Tess turned to Nasedo… “I know we should have told you earlier, but we found the Granolith.”

“You did? Why didn’t Max mention it?”

“I think he was waiting for the right time. What do you know about it?”

“Not much. Your parents instructed Zan about the Granolith on your planet. If Max has found it, sooner or later, he will remember what he was taught.”

Max walked back over to Michael and sat down… “I guess I’m going to Sunnydale after all. Are you coming with me?”

Michael shook his head. “No… I’ve decided to stay here with Maria. We need to talk. Ask Tess. She had the same visions.”

“Why didn’t you tell me you found the Granolith?” Nasedo asked.

Max groaned… “I didn’t want to alarm anyone. That’s why I kept it a secret. But I was wrong not to tell you.”

Nasedo looked at Tess then back at Max… “If the girl in Tess’ vision is the one who is the key to your existence, then you must take her to the cave. When she comes in contact with the Granolith, everything will be made clear, and you will have the ultimate weapon with which to destroy the Skins.”

“Tess, would you come with me to Sunnydale?” Max asked.

Tess smiled. “I was afraid you weren’t going to ask me, Max.”

After leaving the CrashDown, Tess walked quickly to the house she shared with Kyle and the sheriff. She wanted to pack as soon as possible for the trip.

After dropping the teens off at the CrashDown, Sheriff Valenti hurried back to the police station and ran inside. Deputy Pyle followed him into his office…

"Boss? You get your lunch?"

"Uh yeah, I-I was so hungry that I ate it on the way here."

"Wow, you got some sorta appetite!" Deputy Pyle scratched the back of his neck. "Anything you need, boss?"

Valenti sat down to straighten up his desk. It was messy after he had gone through everything looking for the missing file.

"Yeah, Andy. Could you get me the dispatch tape from last night?"

"Last night? Why is that, boss?"

"Listen, Andy, I know you're new and eager to help me out, but there are some things you shouldn't ask me about."

Surprisingly, Deputy Pyle nodded and turned to leave the sheriff’s office. He came back a few minutes later with the tape. Valenti thanked him, and he left. Then Valenti put the six-hour tape into his VCR and sat back for an hour of fast-forwarding, with a sigh.

The tape began to run, and soon, a person came into view… "Sheriff Valenti, my name is Jarod. I'm an agent with the FBI. The files you thought you had lost were sent to one of the FBI's most prominent agents in investigations of the paranormal. Agent Mulder received your files late last Tuesday, and he will be coming to Roswell soon. I may be there sooner… just as a warning to you. Keep your eyes peeled."

With that, the tape went dead. Valenti looked at the screen, wondering to himself, “Just what are they investigating? Those kids? Or maybe me?" He put the tape in his desk and locked it. Then he waited to hear from one of the kids. Suddenly the phone rang and he picked it up…

“Valenti here.”

It was Tess. “Sheriff, we decided to stay in Roswell, but Max and I are going to Sunnydale… just the two of us. The reason for that is that Nasedo told us that Congresswoman Whittaker took the files out of your office and took them to Washington D.C.”

“Are you sure that’s what you want to do?” Valenti asked.

“Yes, I need to find out more about the visions Michael and I have been sharing. I promise, as soon as we get there, I’ll phone you.”

“You do that,” Valenti replied, as the call ended. He walked towards the VCR and looked at it. It puzzled him that everything was going this way. He had vowed to protect the kids, and now it was their hour of need. He decided to go outside and try to clear his head, but as he started to leave, he saw someone standing by the information desk, looking through the files on the table as he waited. Valenti grabbed the man's shoulder and turned him around furiously…

"Just what the hell do you think you're doing?"

"Sheriff Valenti,” the man said, showing Valenti his badge, “My name is Agent Jarod Douglas. I'm the one who sent you the video about the lost files. I believe I know who took them and where they are now." Jarod looked at Valenti and waited for a reply.

When Valenti heard the identity of the man he was talking to he relaxed his grip on his shoulders… “Sorry about that. It’s just that the past few days have been rough on me. I just found out that the most important files in my office have been stolen, and I don’t know what’s going on.”

“That’s exactly why I am here,” Jarod replied, “I came to warn you that soon, in the next day or so, two agents from the F.B.I. will arrive here in Roswell to talk to you about those exact files.”

“What do you know about those agents?” Valenti asked.

Jarod asked the sheriff if they could talk in a more private location, and both men stepped into Valenti’s private office. Valenti closed the door behind them.

Jarod sighed. “The first agent… an Agent Doggett… is new to the F.B.I., and he doesn’t believe in accepting normal explanations. He likes to examine all the data and compile everything in a scientific order. The second Agent, Agent Fox Mulder, is the one you must be careful of. This man has dedicated his entire career to searching for the existence of extraterrestrial life. He is a passionate man, and he won’t rest until he has found what he has been looking for. The person who took the files from your office is a congresswoman, and she will do everything in her power to discredit you or anyone you know who might get in her way.”

Jim looked at the man in front of him and nodded… “I know all about the congresswoman. I had a run in with her a few months back. I’ll keep my eyes open, just in case.”

“I’ll be staying at the hotel if you need me, Sheriff. Here’s the number to my room. It was good to meet you.”

Jim turned towards his office and stopped at the door, turning back momentarily to face Jarod… then he stepped into his office and closed the door.

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Great new part! I love this story! Bringing Mulder, Scully, Jim Valenti, Max and all the others all together was great! :heart :thumbsup

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Chapter 2

John Doggett was sitting at his desk, sipping his morning coffee, when a file folder slid under the door of the X-Files office. Agent Scully had the day off, so Doggett had thought he'd catch up on some filing and billing waivers. He walked towards the door and opened it, hoping to catch whoever it was that had slipped him the file, but the elevator doors shut just as he peered in that direction. He closed the door and bent over to retrieve the file, then he flipped through it. It was a note addressed to Agent Mulder, with some dossiers attached. He didn't want to pry into Mulder's business, but he figured if it was an X-File, he should know about it before Mulder went off on another trip leaving him and Agent Scully in the dust.

The note read, "Roswell, New Mexico, is an interesting place to visit… especially for someone like you, no doubt. There are secrets there that make the whole weather balloon story seem trite. And those secrets go to high school… - X "

Doggett stared at the note, then looked at the dossiers. There was one on a Liz Parker, another on a Max Evans, and another on an Isabel Evans. There were also a couple of arrest records on a Michael Guerin… breaking and entering and shoplifting… filed by a Sheriff Valenti. Doggett scoffed and put the file on Mulder's desk. "Another wild goose chase. This time I can keep tabs on him though," he thought. He sat back at his desk and waited for Mulder to arrive.

Mulder looked at his wristwatch, and seeing the time, decided that it was time for him to show his face in the office. He could feel that something big was about to happen. As he opened the door, he saw Doggett already at his desk…

"Morning," he said, walking to his own desk. When he saw the dossier, he lifted his eyebrows and picked up the dossier and flipped through it.

"Interesting," he whispered to himself, then he looked at Agent Doggett… "How would you feel about going on a field trip?"

Doggett looked at Mulder and smirked. "Following that Roswell lead you got? You can't be serious, Mulder. Deputy Director Kersh will have your butt for dinner, and mine will probably be his damn dessert."

"Screw him. It’s one of the best leads I’ve had so far, and I'm not going to let it go. And by the way, you need a vacation. You seem a bit uptight lately. It would be an interesting trip, Doggett."

"Uptight? I'm not uptight. I'm very laid back… once you get to know me." Doggett looked at his mug… "Maybe it's the coffee." He walked to the garbage, dumped the coffee out and came back to Mulder…

"What I'm saying, Mulder, is that your leads could land both our butts out in the cold without our badges. And Roswell? Of all the places to go looking for aliens, don't you think that spot is a little bit too publicized? I mean, they should have a sign posted at the town limits saying 'Aliens here.' Give me a break, Mulder. That file isn’t anything but a prank… maybe even a set-up."

“It's not a set-up. I know the sheriff and I trust his judgment. We should go." Mulder looked at Doggett and added, "I think it could make our careers."

Doggett sighed. "Alright, Mulder. But the first sign that this is a load of crap, we're coming back to Washington. Even if I have to bring you back at gunpoint."

Mulder looked at Doggett again and whispered, “Lighten up. We won't even be missed."


After her long flight from Roswell, New Mexico, Agent Whitaker had finally reached the center of Washington. She parked her car right outside the grand building and checked the address one more time to make sure she was at the right place, the place where Mulder worked. Whitaker moved slowly toward the reception office inside the building and approached the secretary… "Can you please show me the way to Agent Fox Mulder's office?" Moments later, Whitaker was directed to Mulder’s office. There, she saw two men talking to each other, and she approached them…

“I'm Congresswoman Whitaker from Roswell, and I'm here to see Agent Fox Mulder," She said, flashing her F.B.I. card at the men with a trace of a smirk.

"I'm Agent Mulder. What can I do for you?" Mulder asked, as the woman walked into his office. Doggett leaned against his desk and watched, as Mulder talked to Whitaker. "Roswell?" he thought, "Strange coincidence. This smells bad, I just know it."

"What kind of information do you have for me, Congresswoman? Does it have anything to do with those files I received?"

Whitaker took a long look at Mulder then nodded casually. "Yes, I’m the one who sent you the files…" She paused when she saw Doggett holding the files…

"I made sure they were marked 'Confidential,' but obviously someone else got a hold of them," she said, glancing at Doggett. She walked over to where Mulder stood. "They said you were the man to talk to. According to some agents I know, you have experience in that field." She pulled the files from Doggett's hand and picked up a particular loose paper with pictures of four school kids.

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i like the first part.. finally a use for dawn that makes more sense then it did on the show. (too many plot holes i so don't have time for). michael and tess bonding. so um those files i wander if they were stolen to protect them. and who is jarod?

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Woo Hoo! Great part! I love watching them all interact with each other. It's like they were meant to be on the same show. :D :thumbsup

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"I need you to help me with this assignment." She paused then looked straight into Mulder's eyes to make sure he was listening closely… "We need you to track down these 'objects'- not capture them but find evidence to prove their existence." Whitaker straightened her jacket and moved slowly toward the window, her high-heels tapping loudly against the floor.
"By evidence, I mean anything ranging from blood samples to video recordings," She explained in a serious tone.

Examining the room more closely, Congresswoman Whitaker said in a low voice, "There is a plane leaving for Roswell at 3:20. That’s…" She stopped to look at her watch, "Less than 50 minutes away. So Agent, you need to make up your mind quickly whether you want to proceed with the assignment or not."

"I’ll meet you down at the parking garage," Mulder said, then he turned and asked the other man if he would come with them.

Whitaker smiled at Doggett… "It'll be smashing, Agent… uh…" She looked at his tag and read off his name, "Agent Doggett. I'll meet you two in the parking garage… No need to drive to the airport. I've got a taxi waiting." She walked out of the office.

Mulder closed his briefcase quickly and caught up with Congresswoman Whitaker. As they walked, he asked, "Why is this evidence so important to you?"

Doggett grabbed his overnight bag, service revolver, badge, and handcuffs and ran after Mulder. Mulder looked over his shoulder and saw Doggett coming towards him, and he smiled…

"Glad you could join us. I never thought you would do something so spontaneous and erratic."

Doggett flinched at the sarcasm but followed Mulder and Congresswoman Whitaker out. When they reached the taxi, Congresswoman Whitaker stepped into the car… "To the airport and make it quick." The two agents got in behind her in the back sea, and the driver drove off. When they got to the airport, Whitaker paid the driver, and after dealing with the tickets, they boarded the plane and Whitaker leaned back into a cozy position. Then she turned to Mulder and Doggett and smiled…

"Enjoy your flight, Agents."

Closing her eyes, Whitaker sighed in relief…

Mulder sat down next to Agent Doggett and leafed through the files on his lap. He knew it was a case that Scully would have enjoyed investigating with him, but since Scully was away on holiday he was stuck with an agent who was more closed minded than even Scully had been when he had first met her. He closed the files and rested his head on the chair, then slowly, he drifted off to sleep and dreamt about what he would find in Roswell. Agent Doggett looked at Mulder and sighed. He knew that Skinner would probably have approved the mission, but Kerch… well, that was another story. Kerch wanted Mulder out of the F.B.I. …and today would not be soon enough. That was one of the reasons Doggett decided to go with Mulder and the Congresswoman on this case. The sooner they realized that this was all a hoax, the better he would sleep… knowing that Mulder would see that aliens didn’t exist.

It was a long flight, and they knew that they would have to drive another few miles after that to get to Roswell. When they finally got there, Congresswoman Whitaker took the keys of the rented Ford and climbed into the driver’s seat of the car. Mulder sat next to her so that he could ask her more questions about the case she had just dropped into his lap. Agent Doggett didn’t mind at all having to sit in the back, because he was just here to keep an eye on Mulder and to make sure that there were no slip-ups.

The car left the parking lot and drove onto the highway, and Mulder looked at Congresswoman Whitaker again and asked, “Why is this case so important to you?”

Whitaker grinned. “For four years I’ve been tracking a lead on possible aliens on this planet, with no success, then something happened three years ago in a diner in Roswell that made me believe the evidence is here.”

“What made you decide to follow it now?”

“Well, my superiors wanted me to expose them and take the evidence to the highest powers. That’s why I need you.”

For the rest of the drive, the three were silent. Whittaker thought about how pleased Khivar would be to see the Royal 4 destroyed… and all their allies with them. Mulder thought about how great it would be to finally find evidence that aliens were amongst us. For about ten years he has been searching, first with Scully, and now with Doggett; and he was about to embark on the case of a lifetime. Agent Doggett was the only one with a neutral agenda. The only reason he came was to keep an eye on Mulder. He knew for a fact that Kerch would not be pleased to find out that Mulder had gone off on a wild goose chase. About two hours later the car came to a sudden halt and Whitaker looked at the two agents… “We’re here.”

Mulder and Doggett opened their doors and looked around. It was a town where everyone had a fetish about aliens and unexplained phenomena of every kind. Mulder and Doggett stopped in front of a diner called the CrashDown and then walked in and sat down in one of the booths and waited to be served. What they did not notice was that the Congresswoman did not follow them into the diner.

Liz saw the two men enter the diner and walked over to them with her order pad and pen…

“Good afternoon. My name is Liz Parker. I’ll be your waitress. What can I get for you?”

When she uttered her name, Mulder and Doggett looked at each other…

“I’ll have an Alien Occupation and a large Pepsi,” Doggett said.

Mulder looked the menu… “I’ll have an Area 51 Burger and a Saturn Milkshake.”

“Coming right up,” Liz said, then she turned and left.

The two agents looked at each other and said simultaneously, “It’s one of the kids in the files.”

They started to look more closely at the waitresses and customers in the diner.

“We need to see the sheriff as soon as possible,” Doggett said.

Mulder nodded. “I know, but I think it can wait for a while. I haven’t eaten since this morning.”

“Ok, but as soon as we’re done here, we need to speed up this investigation.”

Liz looked over at the two men, who were deep in conversation. She could feel that something wasn’t right when she spoke to them, but what? She saw Nasedo sitting on the other side of the diner, also deep in conversation, with Max. By the look on Max’s face, she knew that he had decided to go to Sunnydale, and probably soon. This time, she knew that he wasn’t going to take Michael with him. He was going to take Tess, and maybe it was for the best. She knew for a fact that the two of them belonged together, and she wasn’t going to break them up, but she did need to talk to Nasedo. She walked over and smiled…

“Excuse me, but I think there’s something you should see.”

The two turned the way she was pointing, and Nasedo looked at Mulder and Doggett, “Oh Crap.”

“What is it?” Max and Liz asked simultaneously.

“Those are the two F.B.I. agents I was telling you about.”

Max turned around and looked again then looked back at Nasedo… “What are you going to do?”

“Excuse me for a moment,” Nasedo said, standing up, “I think I need to go to the rest room.”

Nasedo walked into the men’s room and returned after taken the form of F.B.I. special agent Daniel Pierce.

Max turned to Liz… “I know Nasedo told us that the only way to avoid being captured by the F.B.I. was for me to go with either Michael or Tess to Sunnydale to investigate that vision the two of them had, but Michael can’t go with me, because he said that he wants to patch things up with Maria, so I decided to ask Tess. She said she would go. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be,” Liz said, “I knew from the start that the two of you would become close.”

Max looked into Liz’s eyes and saw hurt, but also understanding… “I will always love you as a friend. But Tess is my soul-mate.”

As soon as he had said it, he could see tears forming in Liz’s eyes. He reached for her to comfort her, but she turned and left quickly, leaving him alone. Max sat down again and sighed, then he noticed ‘Pierce’ coming out of the bathroom. He smiled, as he saw ‘Pierce’ walking towards the two agents.

Doggett and Mulder were about to eat, when Mulder saw Pierce coming towards them…

“Agent Pierce, what are you doing here?”

“Following the same lead as you.”

“So, you believe there is truth in those files?”

“In a way, but I haven’t found the evidence yet.”

Mulder looked at Pierce… “We came here with Congresswoman Whittaker. She said that she needed the evidence as soon as possible.”

‘Pierce’ sat down next to the two agents. “You might as well go back to Washington. I’ll follow the lead here.”

Doggett raised his eyebrows a bit, “I’m going to stay and finish the job, and I think Agent Mulder is thinking the same thing.”

Mulder smiled. “You read my mind, Doggett. I’m going to find out the truth.”


Jim Valenti sat at his desk, looking for a way to avoid having the F.B.I. come back to Roswell again, but he knew that if they were going to come, he would have to prepare for them. Hearing a knock on the door, he looked up and saw Deputy Pyle…

“Boss, there’s a woman asking for you at the front desk.”

“Show her in,” Valenti replied.

Deputy Pyle walked towards the information desk and a minute later came in with a woman standing next to him, “Sir, here is the visitor.”

Valenti turned around and looked straight into Congresswoman Whitaker’s smiling face…

“Long time, no see?” she said.

“What are you doing back here, Congresswoman?”

“Aw, now, is that the way you greet your guests, Jim?”

Jim sat back down again and motioned for her to sit in the chair across from his, “What are you doing back in Roswell?”

Whitaker sat down then placed her briefcase next to her on the floor… “I just gave two prominent F.B.I. agents a lead to the whole scene here in Roswell, and I want you to work with them. I need that information you have on Max Evans and anybody who is affiliated with him.”

Valenti looked at the smiling face of his ‘guest’ and said, with contempt in his voice, “I’m not going to help you, Congresswoman. You can tell those agents that they will never be able to get tangible evidence of anything here.”

“Well, now, that’s a shame, because you may have to be relieved of duty, Sheriff.”

She stood up from her chair and left, but before she closed the door behind her she said, “Sheriff, you might as well help us. You know just as well as I do that it is no use trying to keep secrets.” With that, the door closed.

Jim cursed underneath his breath. Somehow, he knew that Whitaker would end up here in Roswell with an agenda in her heart and that it would be to expose the Pod Squad. He stood up and walked out of his office, then looked at Deputy Pyle… “I’m going out of a moment. There’s something I need to finish.”

“I’ll hold down the fort, Boss,” Pyle said, as Valenti walked out.

Jim walked to the CrashDown and was about to enter when he saw ‘Pierce’ sitting next to two men. He knew who ‘Pierce’ was, but he didn’t recognize the two men sitting next to him. Then it hit him, those must be the two agents Whitaker told him about. He took his cell phone and dialed the CrashDown’s number.

Liz was standing by the cash register when she heard the phone ring. Composing herself, she answered it…

“Liz, I want you to go over to Nasedo and tell him that there’s a message for him.”

“Sure, Sheriff.” Liz ended the call and walked towards the three men.

“Sir, there’s a message for you at the desk,” she told ‘Pierce.’

Nasedo stood up and walked over to the desk and picked up the phone…

“Yes, whom am I talking to?”

“It’s Sheriff Valenti. I just want to inform you that I know who stole the files. It was Congresswoman Whitaker.”

“I know, Sheriff. I’m just trying now to divert the two agents from the case, but it’s not going well. Mulder is one of those guys who just won’t quit. How did you find out the connection?”

“Well, I got an interesting visit today from two people. The first one was an F.B.I. agent, and he told me exactly who stole the files and that they won’t quit until the four subjects are captured. The second visit I had was from Congresswoman Whitaker. She told me that she will make sure the group is captured and that I lose my job.”

Nasedo glanced at where the two agents sat… “Don’t worry about anything, Sheriff. I have it under control.” He walked back to the two agents and sat down again.

Mulder looked at ‘Pierce…’ “Is there a problem?”

“No, it was just a formality I had to take care of. So what are you going to do about those files?”

“At the moment, we’re just going to observe the group and try to determine whether or not it is an X-File. If it’s not, we will return to Washington as soon as possible.”

“And if it is?”

“Well, then the group will be captured and taken to the laboratory in Atlanta,” Doggett replied.

“I better get back to work, before my job is in danger,” Nasedo said.

“We better go too,” Mulder replied, and he signaled for Liz to pick up the bill.

Liz walked over to the three and took the money. She looked at Nasedo and when she saw that everything was under control she left.

Max waited outside the Valenti house for Tess to arrive. He knew for a fact that if the visions were real, as Nasedo believed they were, they had to be in Sunnydale as soon as possible. The door opened, and Tess came out of the house with her overnight bag and climbed into the Jeep.

“What did your parents say when they heard that the two of us are going to Sunnydale together?” she asked him.

He looked in the mirror at her as he turned the key, and said, “They just wanted to know that we wouldn’t do anything they wouldn’t do. I told them that they don’t need to worry. We won’t do anything of the sort. We are just going to Sunnydale for research on a paper.”

“Oh, ok,” Tess replied and sat back into the car seat.

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